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Agent management

Optimize reservation agent performance

Unlock hidden revenue growth

The days of reservation agents being order takers is gone. We live in an era of omnichannel communications and top performing reservation teams are outbound revenue generating machines, led by reservation managers with a focus on customer service and high-performance sales. TRACK empowers many of the best performing reservation teams at premier hospitality companies throughout North America.

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Empower your reservation team to higher performance

Over 70% of reservation inquiries typically don’t book on the first call. This equals millions in lost revenues. TRACK empowers your team to improve inbound conversions, capture booking opportunities and add outbound revenue with an integrated, one screen dashboard that is easy to use and fast to implement.

Atlantic Vacation Homes switches from NAVIS to TRACK and sees increased reservation agent performance and employee productivity

Track agent performance with real-time insights to leverage and coach

Reservation managers love TRACK for it’s in-depth, real-time reporting on the performance of their team. They rely on conversion reports for individual performance and regret/denial reporting to understand why people aren’t booking. They can set goals and objectives and run coaching sessions for 1-1 feedback.

Conversion tracking
Agent productivity
Automated compliance
Skill based ranking
Agent status tracker
One call resolution
Call metrics detail

Manage inside and remote agents with ease

TRACK is a true cloud application, unlike other solutions in the market, it does not require downloading and remote access for remote agents. Agents are able to log in from anywhere via landline phone, cell phone, or, if need be, they can plug a headset directly into the computer and take calls through the browser. No matter where you are, you can access TRACK and take calls with ease.

Save money
Widen your hiring base
Take calls from anywhere
Manager dashboard for total view

Score calls for training and compliance, audit calls for accuracy

TRACK provides flexible tools to create customizable call scoring templates and to allow your managers to score and audit calls with ease. If you already have a call scoring system, create the template and don’t miss a beat. Need a call scoring template and training? Our experienced customer success team can assist you with creating one that fits your business and ensures your agents are performing their best.

Call scoring
Call auditing
Detailed reports
Customizable templates
Best practices consulting

Set goals and gamify your reservations center

Sometimes, answering the phones and communicating with customers all day can get frustrating and monotonous. TRACK gives reservation managers the tools to create goals and display results in colorful, engaging, real-time dashboards. Show your leaders in conversions, conversion rates, and revenue, call performance and accuracy. Spiff and incentivize top performers, display data, and watch your team strive to reach new heights of sales performance and customer satisfaction!

Create goals
Individuals and teams
Run coaching sessions
Display results
Create gamification

TRACK CRM Integrates with top PMS systems for hotels and vacation rentals

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