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A Clearer Picture on Hotel Photography

A Clearer Picture on Hotel Photography


Stating that your company’s website and online listings would be greatly improved with better quality photos might seem like a no-brainer. This seems like something you learn about in Marketing 101, however, for a variety of reasons, pictures on a company’s listings or website might fall to the wayside. With that being said let’s discuss the use of hotel photography on your company’s listing or website.

If you’re worried that the photos you currently use to market your business are out of date or lacking in quality, you are probably right. Take a look at the photos you are currently using. Do they promote your company? More specifically, do the pictures showcase your business in an accurate light? Quality photos should be able to tell a small story about what your company is selling.

Images As A Form of Clarity for Travelers

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth 1000 words.” Photographs are a way to establish clarity with the text on your website. Your company’s website might talk about how it is a rustic lakeside cabin, however, a photo can take the text a step further. Make the words pop with a picture of a canoe on the beach with an orange glowing sun setting beyond the trees. Getting that message across to a visitor on your website or listing is a challenge, there is no question. When done properly, quality photos will lead more eyes to your company and ultimately result in increased click-through rates and bookings.

Photos do a great job of forming a link between customers and companies. This ultimately leads to users to be more inclined to choose your company over others that do not use quality photos. Websites with high-quality images lead to a view increase of 94% over similar text-only sites.

Images as a form of Clarity for Search Engines

Images can help you rank in search as well. Google crawls your site looking for relevant images. It’s not enough to just have the images on your site though. Google isn’t able to read your images without the proper text. Make sure your photos are relevant to the pages that they are on and include proper descriptions. This will give google more information in addition to the text on your website to include you in the search results.

Not only does this help Google crawl your website but it also makes your website more accessible. Alt text allows screen readers to read the content on your website giving a more comprehensive experience to those with disabilities. 


The travel industry is competitive. If you want your website or listings to pop, you need to take the time to consider your hotel photography. It just might be the difference between travelers booking at your hotel or somewhere else.

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