3 Elements You Need On Your Property Detail Pages

3 Elements You Need On Your Property Detail Pages

Your property detail pages on your website can make or break your direct bookings. When potential guests are searching for properties, you want to WOW them. We are going to go over 3 key elements that you need to include on your PDP to keep your guests on your site and turn these lookers into bookers.

Quick Availability Search

Don’t be the site that says “Please call our office to reserve these specific dates”. You will automatically turn your guests away to competitors or OTA’s. Your booking calendar should be up to date, have clear filters, and show instant availability and pricing. 

Give your Properties a Name

On your PDP, you want to showcase your properties in the best way possible. You don’t want to just use an address for your property–this is the time to build a brand for the property and get your guests excited about booking. Another reason to give your property a name is it sets expectations for your guests. They can use the name as a reference to the type of trip they are wanting to book.

Property Descriptions

GET CREATIVE. This is where you can tell the story of the property to your potential guests. How does your property differ from others? What is the most exciting aspect of your property? Don’t just list out amenities, explain them.

Using these 3 key elements on your PDF will help seal the deal with your guests. To learn more how TNS can help support you with your property listings you can schedule a meeting with our experts!