4 Ways to Conquer Cart Abandonment

4 Ways to Conquer Cart Abandonment

In the era of internet browsing and curiosity, we’ve become a culture of virtual window shoppers, especially when it comes to online travel. The travel industry has seen a notoriously high rate of cart abandonment – that is, online shoppers who start a shopping experience without ever confirming it. On average the industry has an 81% abandonment rate. Cart abandonment is an often overlooked, but incredibly crucial aspect to travel ecommerce. In this blog we are going to go over 4 ways you can conquer cart abandonment and maximize your conversions.

#1 Make sure your pricing is transparent

No one wants to be fooled. When guests see all the add-ons and taxes included, they tend to bolt. This is especially an issue for hotels that show their rates as per person sharing or per room per night for longer stay offers. Your total stay rate should be shown up front on mobile to increase conversions and reduce mobile cart abandonment. You’ll lose a few users up front, but in the end more will book, and there won’t be any confusion or lack of trust over price issues.

#2 User Friendly Registration Forms

All forms need to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Get rid of unnecessary elements to help guests focus on the task at hand. Reducing unnecessary distractions reduces mobile cart abandonment.

#3 Quick Loading Times

Mobile users want to browse quickly and buy quickly. If a mobile site is too slow to load, it’s going to push away a substantial base of your customers and cause mobile cart abandonment issues. Every second really counts on mobile. 

#4 Remarketing

Travelers don’t usually book on the first site visit. They are searching, planning, price shopping so being able to remarket is key to maximizing conversions. You can remarket by using Conversion Optimization popups, email retargeting, and paid marketing. 

In conclusion, cart abandonment is a crucial piece of your marketing strategy. You can use this to recover lost booking opportunities and increase revenue for your property.

TNS was able to capture 98 bookings from 1,136 abandoned carts for $146,221.95 in the first 60 days.

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