Attracting Hotel Guests To Your Vacation Rental

Attracting Hotel Guests To Your Vacation Rental

Vacation rentals have climbed the charts recently with OTAs, in many cases being listed side by side with hotels. If you’re in VR, this is a sea change. The pandemic was good for VR in many ways, largely because of their relative isolation and environmental controls. 

Even so, there are many travelers whose default setting is hotel. Much of that is brand-driven, whether through loyalty programs or the colossal marketing budgets of flag hotels. You can’t beat them at that game, but there are still ways to help convince and convert hotel stalwarts.

1. Don’t appear small
We are drawn to big brands for many reasons. They’re everywhere, they’re usually consistent, and they spend a lot to earn our trust and loyalty. But digital marketing has leveled the playing field. Being small doesn’t require appearing small, and it’s never been easier to do.

Take a close look at your branding. Does your logo appear small time or big time? Do you use your colors and typefaces consistently across all your media and channels? Ask a few acquaintances to check out your website and judge the scale of your operation based on what they see. The tighter your branding, the more trust you’ll inspire.

2. Make booking dead simple
In general, hotels make it easy to book through their website, often with a “choose your dates” header right at the top of the home page. Ensure your call to action (CTA) is prominently displayed and that the actual booking page is clean and professional. In general, the distance between your potential guest and “Book Now” should be as short as possible.

3. Communicate well and often
Big hotels are awesome at communication, but you can be, too. Clunky email designs, spelling or grammatical errors, and generic messaging can make the difference between an ordinary stay and a memorable, impressive experience.

Also, err on the side of overcommunication. The 1.2 million-plus automations available in Track offer a set-it-and-forget-it way to ensure relevant and personalized touchpoints all along the guest journey. Nurturing campaigns after the stay help build loyalty and comfort in advance of the future stay you hope they make.

Savvy digital marketing and a modern, flexible PMS make it possible for any size VR operation to look big but deliver the warm, personalized guest experience that sets VR apart from hotels. If you’re ready to convince and convert more hotel guests than ever, visit We’ll help you play with the big boys.