For the Love of Partnership: Rentals United

For the Love of Partnership: Rentals United

Our “For the Love of Partnership” guest blog series will help you get to know our technology partners a bit better. Shelley Warsaw, partner relationship manager at TNS, sat down recently with Rentals United to discuss their experiences using Track.


Rentals United is a leading award-winning global vacation rental channel manager. We take care of all your distribution needs and help you make data-driven decisions to increase your conversions on sales channels.


Briefly describe what your company does.

Rentals United is a leading award-winning global vacation rental channel manager. We take care of all your distribution needs and help you make data-driven decisions to increase your conversions on sales channels.

What is unique about your integration with Track that makes it a best-in-class integration?

With the connection between Rentals United and Track you will have:

  • Fast Channel sync – Our synchronization on average lasts less than 1second.
  • Real time synchronization – With our integration all your rates and reservations are updated in real time. You will see your bookings’ sources and total price will be broken down according to rate type settings
  • Financial overview – Your fees and taxes are mapped according to your Track setup (per client configuration)
  • Easy content and amenities management – Full content is always up to date across all channels, you can also easily map amenities per client and channel.

How long have you been working with Track? And what is your experience with our growth?

Our partnership has only just begun!


What services do you provide above and beyond the scope of Track PMS?

RU channel manager provides the most reliable award-winning API connections and ensures two-way synchronization.

RU connects your properties to 60+ first-class global and niche listing sites and helps you stay visible to the world.

We offer all our property managers access to RU Data Studio. This tool helps our property managers to build high-performing listings, with the ability to constantly make adjustments that allow them to rank high on OTAs in a single place. We work with the big OTAs to identify the criteria that listings need to meet in order to rank high, and we can give PMs specific suggestions for improvement based on data.

Additional Rentals united features include: Guest communication, guest planner and a quality checker.

How can Track customers best make use of your services?

RU offers various features to their customers, so in order to make sure they are properly onboarded. We advise that you reach out to our Rentals United Experts, Kate Barnes or Aris Iskandaryan who will be able to help with the distribution strategy and everything you need to know about the platform.

If you would like to see how each sales channel works with Rentals united, we also have a help center where you can read about the connections.

How simple is it to get started with your integration with Track?

Simply reach out to Kate and Aris to get started with Rentals United.

What data do you use and how often does it synchronize with Track?

See our extensive knowledge base.


How does your solution integrated with Track improve efficiency? Save time?

All our users see qualitative and quantitative improvements in their listings over time. By integrating our channel manager with Track users can gain exposure to global sales channels with minimum effort and less manual work, saving up to 20 hours per week. Additionally, our embedded features also enable them to improve their listing quality on the channels.

How does your solution improve the owner/guest/employee experience?

Main advantages include:

  • Real time reservations delivery to Track, meaning our clients are avoiding the inconveniences that can happen as a consequence of double bookings, leading to better guest satisfaction.
  • Less manual work for employees due to automatization
  • Price consistency and detailed price breakdown in Track leading to greater transparency

How have your customers increased revenue or decreased cost with your integration with Track?

  • Decreased distribution cost and improve ROI forecasting – flat fee per property
  • Save on administrative costs by delivering a correct reservation price breakdown from each channel
  • Increased exposure
  • Fast onboarding to the channels – content push & onboarding support


Any exciting plans you want to share about what you have on the roadmap for 2023?

  • More channels – constant upgrade of our distribution channels
  • Improved listing quality – more channel specific features available from Rentals United
  • More customisation per channel
  • Improved listing performance – conversion obsession
  • Better insights into your business performance – revenue success reports
  • Smart guest communication with automation

Contact Sales

Who do I contact to learn more about using this integration with Track to its fullest potential?