For the Love of Partnership: Safely

For the Love of Partnership: Safely

Our “For the Love of Partnership” guest blog series will help you get to know our technology partners a bit better. Shelley Warsaw, partner relationship manager at TNS, sat down recently with Safely to discuss their experiences using Track.


Safely is the premier provider of short-term rental protection, offering rigorous guest screening and comprehensive insurance coverage to property managers and homeowners as they grow revenue, reduce risk, and provide a better guest experience.


Briefly describe what your company does.

Safely is the premier provider of short-term rental protection, offering rigorous guest screening and comprehensive insurance coverage to property managers and homeowners as they grow revenue, reduce risk, and provide a better guest experience.

What is unique about your integration with Track that makes it a best-in-class integration?

Safely’s integration with Track allows for seamless guest screening and per-night insurance coverage to be automatically initiated as soon as a reservation is made. The elimination of manual processes allows Track’s large portfolio customers to focus on growth and profitability.

How long have you been working with Track? And what is your experience with our growth?

Safely and Track first partnered in 2020 and the relationship took off in 2021 when Safely became one of the first Certified Partners and a Platinum Marketing partner. We have seen a lot of adoption with Track’s larger customers as they recognize the many benefits of Safely’s guest screening and insurance program.


What services do you provide above and beyond the scope of Track PMS?

Safely offers comprehensive commercial liability insurance, covering a myriad of guest-caused damage as well as bodily injury claims, guest screening, and travel insurance. Our solution makes sure your business, your properties, and your guests are covered before, during and after a reservation. Our guest screening solution helps you legally and objectively identify and decline risky renters. With policies up to $1,000,000 for liability and $10,000 in contents coverage, you’re protected against pets, parties, and stupidity.

How can Track customers best make use of your services?

Property managers can use Safely to not only protect their homes but to also recruit homeowners and expand direct bookings. Property managers who use Safely increase their business by acquiring new homes and increasing direct bookings. Once you sign up with Safely and select your policy, we connect via the integration and every reservation made through Track will automatically be covered.

How simple is it to get started with your integration with Track?

Getting started with Safely is very simple, thanks to the integration with Track. You need to make a few decisions on how you will use Safely when you sign up, but once that is done, Safely can begin protecting your reservations within one day.

What data do you use and how often does it synchronize with Track?

Safely receives Reservation Data, Guest Data, and Property information in order to perform the guest screening and to protect the stay. The data is synchronized 3-4 times per day.


How does your solution integrated with Track improve efficiency? Save time?

The integration improves the operational efficiency of the property manager because they do not have to send reservation reports. Further, the integration allows us to perform guest screening at the time of booking with no additional action required on your part until the results are returned.

How does your solution improve the owner/guest/employee experience?

Safely was designed to protect the homeowner, guest, and property manager. The homeowner knows that their home and belongings are covered; Guests will be screened, damage will be fixed, and they will have protection if sued. Guests know they won’t be harassed or held liable for minor incidents. Property Managers have the freedom to focus on growing their portfolio and not haggling over claims. All of these benefits eliminate possible friction points between the homeowner, guest and the property manager.

How have your customers increased revenue or decreased cost with your integration with Track?

Safely’s customers have increased revenue in two ways. First, the property manager is able to pass the cost on to the guest and will earn a margin on every reservation. Second, Safely is an amazing recruiting tool for new homeowners because we answer the questions: “who is staying in my home” and “what happens when something goes wrong.” Many of our property managers increase their inventory by 30% in the months that they start using Safely. The property manger saves cost in several ways. Using Safely eliminates the administrative cost with managing deposits.The integration reduces cost because the property manager does not need to send reservation reports on insured stays.


Any exciting plans you want to share about what you have on the roadmap for 2023?

In 2023, Safely plans on releasing new insurance products both in the U.S. and internationally and integrating travel insurance with Track.

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