How To Market Your Property For The Holidays

How To Market Your Property For The Holidays

Holiday season is right around the corner! It may look different this year, but the good news is folks are still opting for Staycations. We want to give you a few ideas on how to promote your property this year to drive bookings!

#1 Showcase Your Holiday Cheer

Deck the halls and commons areas and give your guests a warm welcome.

#2 Promote Special Pricing and Enticing Offers

With consumers being able to work from anywhere, you could run a mid week special with lower rates.

#3 Up your Amenities

Free WIFI? Complimentary Breakfast? You could even set a delivery service to make the guest experience special. 

#4 Share COVID-19 Policies

Keep your guests informed before, during, and after on your protocols for keeping a safe environment. Most importantly, keep your website updated with relative policies.

#5 Promote Local Events

Is Santa coming to town? Do you have a local Christmas lights show? Is there a restaurant near that you can partner with? These would be good ways to differentiate your property and build excitement for your guests.

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