For the Love of Partnership: BeHome247

For the Love of Partnership: BeHome247

Our “For the Love of Partnership” guest blog series will help you get to know our technology partners a bit better. Shelley Warsaw, partner relationship manager at TNS, sat down recently with BeHome247 to discuss their experiences using Track.


BeHome247 is the only complete operations platform on the market that combines smart device control, housekeeping and maintenance workflows as well as guest communications from a single dashboard. Learn more at


Briefly describe what your company does.

BeHome247 is the only complete operations platform on the market that combines smart device control, housekeeping and maintenance workflows as well as guest communications from a single dashboard. Learn more at

What is unique about your integration with Track that makes it a best in class integration?

Our 2-way integration with Track allows property managers to simplify their tech stack by eliminating multiple “widgets” while gaining efficiencies in operations and reducing costs.

How long have you been working with Track? And what is your experience with our growth?

More than 5 years, but recently became a certified partner with some large, mutual clients such as VTrips and Pristine Properties to name a few.  BH247 is able to scale right along companies with a couple of units to our largest with over 60,000 units in the US.


What services do you provide above and beyond the scope of Track’s PMS?

Smart device control and automation would be a key area; Locks, Thermostats, Leak detection, Noise detection, Voice control devices etc…  In other categories such as housekeeping and maintenance workflows, we go deeper into the task and automate each step into the next.

How can Track customers best make use of your services?

Because we are modular, Track clients are not required to completely convert off of existing point solutions all at once (unless they so choose), we can migrate the smart device, then the status management etc… over time according to their individual need.

How simple is it to get started with your integration with Track?

Simple.  We were able to recently convert a property manager with over 1100 units in about 10 days inclusive of setup and training!

What data and how often do you synchronize our data from/to Track?

Depends greatly on the specific function, but we can sync some attributes in real time, others every 15 minutes according to need.


How does your solution integrated with Track improve efficiency? Save time?

It allows you to simplify your operational tech stack down to (2) major components; Track and BH247. This saves you time AND money while gaining efficiencies in areas that today your teams are required to jump in and out of various tech tools to accomplish day to day tasks. BH247 automates much of the moving of data between departments generating more time for your staff to focus on owners, guests and your company culture.

How does your solution improve the owner / guest / employee experience?

Owners experience more consistent and higher quality property care and cost savings when using utility management. Guests see better quality communication and proactive versus reactive housekeeping and maintenance workflows. Employees love how BH247 keeps them visually in control of many moving parts daily from a single screen and well aligned with all other departments.

How have your customers increased revenue or decreased cost with your integration with Track?

Yes. Typically we are able to replace 3-4 point solutions (such as housekeeping apps, maintenance apps, device control apps) into a single platform saving money AND duplicate entries back into Track. Our gap night sales program developed over 10 years ago, looks for trapped nights and markets them automatically! Because our system recognizes occupied vs vacant, we can decrease utility cost to owners. Lastly, small leaks can be proactively managed BEFORE they become a major problem for your guest, owner and property.


Any exciting plans you want to share about what you have on the roadmap for 2023?

We recently launched our strategic partnership with electric vehicle charging station company OK2charge which is preparing our industry with the property infrastructure needs to meet the immediate and long term demands for EV charging heading our way! There is a great, new revenue model for property managers while filling this need.

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Who do I contact to learn more about using this integration with Track to its fullest potential?

Our Director of Operations, Ali Lauria, ( is standing by to answer any questions you may have as well as to ensure your integration is a BIG success!