For the Love of Partnership: Breezeway

For the Love of Partnership: Breezeway

Our “For the Love of Partnership” guest blog series will help you get to know our technology partners a bit better. Shelley Warsaw, partner relationship manager at TNS, sat down recently with Breezeway to discuss their experiences using Track.


Breezeway is the leading property care, operations, and messaging platform for vacation rental and hospitality providers. Details at


Briefly describe what your company does.

Breezeway is the leading property care, operations, and messaging platform for vacation rental and hospitality providers. Learn more at

What is unique about your integration with Track that makes it a best-in-class integration?

Hospitality managers who connect their Track PMS with Breezeway’s operations software are able to easily sync reservation and guest data into Breezeway. This enables Track users to unlock more of their data, to automate property preparation and deliver more client service. Additionally, Breezeway has placed special emphasis on building an integration to push Tasks from Breezeway back into Track, making it much easier to account for service revenue at the end of the month.

How long have you been working with Track? And what is your experience with our growth?

We started working with Track in February of 2021 and our integration was quickly and widely adopted by the Track user base. Track is a pleasure to work with because it offers a comprehensive property management system built on a modern technology stack. As a result, Breezeway has invested in the Platinum Marketing Package with Track and has attended and invested heavily in the partner conference annually.


What services do you provide above and beyond the scope of Track’s PMS?

  1. Automate task scheduling to smartly assign the right job to the right person and at the right time. Gaining full visibility into occupancy and property care needed across your portfolio means you’ll never miss a clean again.
  2. Monitor progress and issues in real-time for confidence in property-readiness. Keep your staff and service partners on the same page and focused on completing detailed work. 
  3. Customize mobile checklists to ensure your homes meet quality and brand standards. Review and easily access inspection reports to document the condition of key assets in the home, before or after the guest’s stay. 
  4. Leverage two-way messaging to deliver more service and better guest experiences. Send text updates on service issues and offer additional services like extended stays.
  5. Share detailed owner reports for more trust, higher retention, and better asset management.

How can Track customers best make use of your services?

Track users who take advantage of the Integration with Breezeway enjoy the benefits of cost savings through improved efficiency and communication within the team and additional service revenue. Alternatives to Breezeway are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and create internal confusion. Breezeway helps operators schedule, assign, and complete detailed work in the field while empowering teams to communicate in real time to understand what is going on across the portfolio. Once the baseline operations are under control, operators often find they have more capacity to upsell ancillary products and services to guests, increasing service revenue.

How simple is it to get started with your integration with Track?

It’s easy to get started with the Track to Breezeway integration. Simply book time for a Breezeway product demo, and we’ll follow-up to kick-start the process. Once signed-up, we take the time to understand your business and tailor your experience. Getting up to speed takes just a few weeks, and we take a hands-on approach so you’ll have responsive and proactive guidance throughout the implementation process!

What data and how often do you synchronize our data from/to Track?

We pull properties from your Track account every night, and we’ll get reservation data hourly. You’ll never have to toggle in between systems again.


How does your solution integrated with Track improve efficiency? Save time?

  1. Average of 30 Hours of weekly admin eliminated
  2. Automate scheduling to smartly assign the right job to the right person at the right time.
  3. Monitor progress in real-time for complete confidence in property-readiness.
  4. Gain more control with task timing, GPS tracking, and historical task comparison.
  5. Pull reservation, property, and guest info from Track to power your field operations and guest communication.

How does your solution improve the owner/guest/employee experience?

  1. Send guests welcome messages and in-stay concierge service with Messaging SMS
  2. Extend stays, drive more revenue, boost reviews and referrals.
  3. Put owners at ease and showcase your value by sharing completed tasks and reports.
  4. Equip staff with digital checklists and mobile apps for high-quality work.

How have your customers increased revenue or decreased cost with your integration with Track?

  • 50 Clients using the integration
  • 10K Connected Rental properties
  • 192 Property Service tasks facilitated
  • 30 Hours of weekly admin eliminated
  • $37K in labor & Maintenance Costs
  • 95% Increase in Client satisfaction


Any exciting plans you want to share about what you have on the roadmap for 2023?

  1. WhatsApp Spanish integration
  2. Push property status
  3. SMS Templates and Saved Replies feature for messaging

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