Segmenting Communications to Drive To Markets

Segmenting Communications to Drive To Markets

Having a vaccine released during a global pandemic has allowed the hospitality industry to see a huge uptick in the itch and want to travel. With that great news, your Vacation Rental Management Company is going to want to leverage updated strategies and messaging to gain new travelers to your properties. According to a study done by HomeToGo, it states that 77% of travelers will plan to travel to their destination by car. With that being said, here are two tips to segment your marketing and messaging to your drive to markets. 

Personalized Landing Pages

When utilizing remarketing tactics on Linkedin and Facebook, make sure when you are hitting your drive to audience, you are sending those call to actions to a designated landing page that speaks to them differently. These travelers are itching to travel, but within a short distance due to safety and being cautious. Provide landing pages that promote socially distanced activities you provide and highlight the ability to work remote from your property. 

Segmented Email Lists

The travelers in your drive to market are able to book in a shorter booking period due to length of drive time and spontaneity. Email your market that is 5 hours or less with shorter term booking offers. An example would be sending your drive to market audience an email on Thursday that they can have 20% off for that next Saturday and Sunday if they book within the next 12 hours. This provides urgency and allows you to fill vacant rooms on short notice.

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