Track TIP TUESDAY: Creating Lists In Your Guest Emails

Track TIP TUESDAY: Creating Lists In Your Guest Emails

So a guest has scheduled a reservation and you want to send them a list in one of the reservation documents. Maybe tell them what to pack, provide a list of nearby attractions, or a list of amenities featured in their home. We can help make that document look nice! 

Bulleted and numbered lists are built right into HTML code. The tag <ul> creates an unordered list (bullets) and <ol> an ordered list (numbers). Using them will automatically indent from the left margin and create a “hanging” indent for line wraps. This doesn’t happen if you just use hyphens, though some programs will assume you’re creating a list and format automatically.

Place this code snippet into a blank reservation document. Remember to paste it in the source code area. 

If you have a lengthy list of information, don’t worry! You can add more rows by copying and pasting from <li> to </li>. <li> stands for list item, so each block of text between <li> and </li> adds an item to your list and a line break. 

NOTE: If your preview email shows the tags somewhere, like <p> or <li>, it means you either pasted the snippet into the editor window itself or didn’t close a tag somewhere. Every tag such as <p> needs a closing tag formatted like </p> so they make a pair. Your text must go in between two paired tags. 

<p>Here is a list on what to bring on your trip:</p>



<li>A toothbrush</li>

<li>A positive attitude</li>

<li>An urge for adventure</li>


<p>Here are steps to enter your rental:</p>


<li>Drive to property</li>

<li>Walk up to front door</li>

<li>Unlock door with key code</li>



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