Track TIP TUESDAY: Improving Your Use Of Airbnb As A Distribution Channel

Track TIP TUESDAY:  Improving Your Use Of Airbnb As A Distribution Channel

Airbnb is an important distribution channel for professionally managed, short-term vacation rentals. Recent improvements in Track PMS’ API connection with Airbnb expands a property manager’s revenue-making opportunity and improves guest communications.

First, we’ve increased the Length of Stay limits. Now property managers can list and enable booking for longer-term rentals. Several configuration options allow you to control which audiences are able to instantly book these types of stays.

This recent release also enhances communications with guests on Airbnb.. We call our unique direct connection with them “secure messaging” for a couple of reasons:

  1. Messaging Reliability- Unlike email, communications via our API connection are traceable and easier to ensure receipt for both guests and property managers. Our Airbnb integration records which agents respond to each message including each response in situations where multiple agents work on the same lead. This gives property managers better visibility into guest service successes and training opportunities.
  2. Track supports multiple Airbnb accounts. This gives the property managers the ability to sync more than 1 account into Track vs having to login to multiple accounts or have multiple versions of a PMS to sync accounts.
  3. Ease of Communication – Track PMS’ unified inbox helps reservation agents work more effectively and efficiently in a single inbox with all messages documented without the need to login to multiple airbnb accounts.
  4. Improved Response Times & Auto-Responders – Responding to inquiries no longer requires logging into Airbnb’s platform directly, minimizing the chances of delayed responses. We give agents more control and simplify how they handle each inquiry, ultimately improving their ability to deliver exceptional guest experiences. Track also provides pre-created and configurable Auto-responses and quick responses to speed up communications.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Track can help your company make more money and better serve guests via Airbnb,  we’d love to chat and learn how we might help.