Why Should You Use Facebook Advertising?

Why Should You Use Facebook Advertising?

Deciding where you should be placing your advertising spend is a big decision. A huge advertising opportunity that many people are missing is Facebook Retargeting. Retargeting works by adding a cookie to the browser of anyone who visits your website, then Facebook is able to show them your targeted ads in their newsfeed.

How It Works?

A traveler will visit your site, view photos, amenities and start looking into rates. Although they may be interested, most travelers won’t book on their first visit to your site. Over the next several days they will visit Facebook and see your ad keeping you on top of their mind. Eventually they will click your ad, go to your website and book direct.

With the goal of getting travelers back to your website there are many ways that you can optimize your campaigns. Here are 3 things that you should consider when spending your advertising dollars on Facebook Display & Retargeting Ads:

  • Why You Should be Advertising on Facebook
  • Who to Target
  • What Type of Ads to Run

Why You Should be Advertising on Facebook?

Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide by far with 2.7 billion monthly users. 169 Million of those users are from the United States which is over half the population. The potential audience for Facebook is huge!

Today data is key and Facebook provides the most comprehensive tools to reach out to your target audience. With so many users, an advantage of Facebook is the vast amount of data it collects. Users provide info such as age, gender, relationship status, interests, etc. This means you can get specific about who you want to target when creating your campaigns. With such a large audience and great tools to help you succeed, Facebook is the ideal platform for Hospitality Advertisement. So with Facebooks comprehensive data then who should you target?

Who to Target?

Retargeting Ads target travelers who have already visited your website. We know these travelers are actively searching for a vacation and there was something that compelled them to be interested in your property! Whether they initially found you through search, social media or another channel they will most likely forget about you if you don’t work to stay on top of their mind. If they didn’t convert by subscribing to your blog or booking direct then they may never find you again. That’s where Retargeting can keep your property on top of the mind for these interested travelers until they are ready to book.

For example, if you are marketing a golf resort you can send golfing offers to travelers who have visited your site that are interested in golfing. If you’re marketing a romantic getaway you may want to change your messaging depending on their relationship status or anniversary date. With more targeted campaigns you can show what makes your property great for individual travelers.

What Type of Ads Should You Be Running?

Now that you know who to market your ads to it’s time to create them. Facebook offers great tools to help you create your ads. You must sure the content of your ads matches the audience that you are trying to target.

When creating some ads there are some general guidelines that Facebook recommends here. People scroll through social media quickly so your text should be short and compelling. Your photos should also have minimal text. If you have a beautiful destination make sure you are showcasing it in pictures! Facebook has a carousel format so you can add multiple images for travelers to scroll through to really show off your destination.

If photos don’t cut it for you video can be a great option. A well produced video can cost a little more money but can really show travelers what your property is all about. Also video offers additional engagement tracking. You are able see average view time as opposed to just likes and clicks to track engagement.

Finally a great call to action should compel travelers to go back to your site. Facebook offers multiple Call to Action options that you can chose from!

If you need help with your Facebook Retargeting Strategy, you can review more information here!