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Beach Market VRMC Increases Revenue by $1.2 Million

  • Location USA - Beach Market
  • Type VRMC
  • Units 275
  • Products PPC, SEO, Email, TRACK Pulse, Display Remarketing, Consulting, Cart Abandonment, Conversion Optimization
  • Online Revenue Increase $1.2 Million

The Challenge

This Property Management Company was looking to increase direct bookings and decrease reliance on 3rd party online rental agency sites. They also needed to decrease their average cost per click in paid search and increase their organic search engine rankings.

The Solution

TRAVELNET SOLUTIONS (TNS) implemented a full funnel strategy including targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Marketing campaigns across Google and Bing with an increase in total spend (but a decrease in Cost Per Click), Display Remarketing, Conversion Optimization, Drip Email Nurturing, TRACK Pulse and ResortsandLodges.com Listings.

SEO Strategy

TNS implemented Search Engine Optimization strategies to help move the Rental Management Company up in the search rankings on Google. They were able to drive a high volume of traffic from Travelers that were just starting searching for their vacation by:

  • consistently creating content
  • transitioning to a secure website
  • disavowing toxic backlinks
  • focusing on high volume keywords

These strategies dramatically increased their first page rankings on Google. They increased their top 10 placements on Google by 270 and their top 3 placements by 83.



PPC Strategy

With the hyper-monetization of Google it is increasingly necessary to have a strategy around Google Ads. With our expertise on bidding in Google Ads we are able to decrease the average cost per click while increasing revenue. With TNS running their Google Ads campaigns, this beach market resort saw an increase in Revenue of $657,000 from paid search. TNS is a leader in the industry and is able to optimize search engine advertising by:

  • bidding on top of funnel keywords
  • optimizing for high quality clicks
  • optimizing by device (mobile vs. desktop)
  • implementing time sensitive copy

Cart Abandonment Strategy

Our cart abandonment software helps bring travelers back at the end of the buyers journey. Our Cart Abandonment Software integrates with booking engines and sends 3 emails to get travelers back to book. This beach market VRMC saw over $156,000 in recovered revenue.

Conversion Optimization Strategy

Our Conversion Optimization Software helps our customers build up their email database. A pop up displays on the website with a 7 second delay that prompts website visitors to subscribe to their emails for time sensitive discounts. From this Conversion Optimization pop-up the Beach Market Rental Management Company was able to capture over 5000 email subscribers and bring in over $49,000 from their email campaign.

Contact Center Software and CRM

Our TRACK Pulse Contact Center Software allows this Rental Management Company to better manage their leads. It provides their reservation agents with all the data they need from past callers so they don’t have to ask for it again. It also keeps track of leads making it easier for follow up. Using TRACK Pulse this Vacation Rental Management Company was able to save 131 reservation leads and bring in over $524,000 in outbound call revenue.

All-In-One Digital Marketing Management and Revenue Solutions

Google Paid Search
Website Design & Development
Email Marketing Management
Cart Abandonment
Conversion Optimization
Analytics & Reporting
Display & Remarketing
Meta Search
Social Media Marketing

Why TNS?

By implementing a full funnel digital marketing approach with an aggressive paid search, SEO and CRM strategy, paired with automation and nurturing tools, this property management company was able to surpass over $8 Million in gross revenues with an increase in online revenue of $1.2 Million with only a $60,000 increase in ad spend and a decrease in software and agency costs over the same period the previous year.