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  • Location Destination Market
  • Type Waterpark Resort
  • Units 600+
  • Products PPC, SEO, Display Remarketing, Consulting, Conversion Optimization, Cart Abandonment
  • Online Booking Increase $726,941.27

How this Waterpark Resort has lifted revenue year over year while saving money in management and service fees.

TRAVELNET SOLUTIONS (TNS) prides itself on providing world class solutions that property owners need to exceed traveler’s expectations and increase direct bookings. This is why so many properties from small bed and breakfasts to large international resorts use our expertise.

The Challenge

This Waterpark Resort has been on ResortsandLodges.com since 2005. In 2016 after 11 years, VP of Sales, Tim Schutts contacted their Marketing Director about the new Digital Marketing Solutions offered by TNS.

This Waterpark Resort was seeing declining revenue and needed a change. Some of the issues that they were facing were:

  • Declining lodging occupancy
  • Decrease in average rate
  • Increasing customer acquisition cost
  • Increase in OTA reliance
  • Increase in flash sale reliance

The Marketing Director at the resort saw the opportunity that TNS offered to solve many of their problems and after multiple calls and consulting with her team they decided to jump on board.

After reviewing their needs with Tim, they decided to implement a full funnel strategy with TNS. The solutions that this property implemented were:

  • Platinum Listing on ResortsandLodges.com
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Display & Retargeting
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Conversion Optimization

The Solution

Platinum Listing on ResortsandLodges.com

With 7.6 million visitors per year, ResortandLodges.com is the #1 site for unique lodging. A platinum listing has allowed this waterpark resort to move to the top of their region’s page on ResortsandLodges.com. With ResortsandLodges.com being optimized for hundreds of thousands of keywords on search engine results pages (SERPs), travelers are just a few clicks away from finding their property.

Any traveler searching for keywords optimized by ResortsandLodges.com on Google will see ResortsandLodges.com within the first few search results. With this Waterpark Resort being the top result on their regional page, they have received a ton of traffic to their website from their listing with ResortsandLodges.com, giving travelers a greater ability to book direct. From February 27, 2018 to February 27, 2019 ResortsandLodges.com was their second biggest source of referral traffic. They received over 15,000 new website visits originating from their ResortsandLodges.com business listing bringing in over $19,000 in revenue. ResortsandLodges.com also provided them with 102 assisted conversions for a total of $40,788 of assisted conversion value.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Although this resort has had tremendous success with travelers finding them through their ResortsandLodges.com listing, they still had room to grow. By improving their presence on search engines through on-site SEO, they are able to expand their reach to allow travelers to not only find their website through the ResortsandLodges.com business listing, but find their website directly on search engines as well.

The implementation of Blogging, Website Optimizations, SEO consulting and updates, and new visitor focused Google Ad strategy drove a 6% increase in organic traffic. This Waterpark Resort has also continued to increase their keywords rankings in Google and ranked for 13,000 keywords in February 2019.

Paid Search

Google continues to give more rooms to paid ads making it more difficult to get travelers to their website organically. With an expertly managed PPC campaign from TNS, this Waterpark Resort increased their ad spend from the previous year but also decreased their cost per click creating an increase of paid search revenue of 29%.

Overall they spent $443,525 and made a total of $2.4 Million in combined first click and assisted revenue for an ROI of 5.4:1.

Display & Retargeting

Once a traveler has left the website without making a booking it doesn’t mean that they are done marketing to them. With Display & Retargeting, travelers that have visited this resort’s website and leave are retargeted with display ads on social media feeds and other web pages. This allows the resort to continue to make impressions and keep the resort on the minds of the top of the funnel travelers that didn’t book the first time they found the resort website as well as those at the bottom of the funnel that are just about ready to book. The display and retargeting efforts brought 37,224 users back to their website.

Conversion Optimization

Display & Retargeting isn’t the only way that this resort is able to make impressions after the traveler has left the site. By having a pop up on their web page asking for website visitors to receive offers and join their mailing list they are able to increase their reach. This allows the resort to receive customer information and send them information, packages and deals directly to travelers. This not only draws new travelers but can help get past guests to return to their resort as well.

The Conversion Optimization campaign saw 38,863 new email subscribers. The increase in email subscribers has allowed the resort to retarget travelers and brought in $1.2 Million from email marketing from February 2018 to February 2019.

Cart Abandonment

The TNS Cart Abandonment Software has allowed this resort to reach customers at the end of the buyer’s journey. If a traveler has filled out information and actually made it to the booking engine, and then abandons, the cart abandonment software will retarget them. Once the cart is abandoned, travelers receive 3 emails trying to get them to finish their purchase.

Over 1 year this resort saw $217,639.14 in recovered revenue via automated cart recovery emails.

All-In-One Digital Marketing Management and Revenue Solutions

Google Paid Search
Cart Abandonment
Conversion Optimization
Analytics & Reporting
Display & Remarketing

Why TNS?

By bundling from multiple vendors to a 1 vendor solution and implementing digital marketing strategies and execution from TNS, this Waterpark Resort has seen a lift in revenue year over year while saving money in management and service fees. Overall this waterpark resort has seen:

  • Increase in lodging occupancy
  • Increase in average daily rate
  • Decrease in customer acquisition cost
  • Decrease in OTA reliance
  • Decrease in flash sale reliance