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Prince Waikiki, the #1 ranked hotel in Honolulu on TripAdvisor sees increases in traffic and direct bookings with TNS.

  • Location Honolulu HI, USA
  • Type Urban Hotel
  • Units 563
  • Products PPC, SEO, Email, TRACK Pulse, Display Remarketing, Consulting, Meta Search, Website
  • Online Booking Increase 52%
  • TripAdvisor Ranking #1
  • Cost Per Click Decrease 44%

Prince taps TRAVELNET SOLUTIONS (TNS) to launch 4 new websites and increase direct channel bookings

Prince Waikiki is the #1 ranked hotel in Honolulu on TripAdvisor, a 563 room luxury, oceanfront hotel with newly redesigned rooms, fine dining and a lavish infinity pool. Prince Waikiki is central to one of Honolulu’s most exciting and diversified areas, Kaka’ako, home to vibrant street art, refreshing craft beer, and eclectic cuisine. Honolulu and Prince Waikiki attract visitors from across the globe by offering refined luxury and an authentic Hawaiian experience.

The Challenge

In late 2017, Prince Waikiki and the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel set out to increase their web presence and consolidate vendors as they established an identity uniquely their own, beyond the Prince Resorts corporate brand. We were tasked to develop 4 websites in a short period of time, while simultaneously designing and implementing cross-channel digital marketing strategies that would increase direct online bookings, organic search rankings, and overall profitability. After an extensive search, Prince Waikiki tabbed TRAVELNET SOLUTIONS (TNS) as the company to help them achieve their goals.

“TNS delivered everything we expected and more they are a true partner in our success”

The Solution

With a short window to execute, TNS dedicated a team of digital marketing and web development experts to the Prince Waikiki project. In less than 60 days, we delivered 4 websites – all built in WordPress with integrated booking engine solutions, Google analytics and google search console.

In addition, we implemented our proprietary Google Ad strategy. In a short period of time, our dynamic search campaigns started generating significant bookings. In the first 12 months post launch, Prince Waikiki realized a 52% increase in direct online bookings while seeing a 44% decrease in Cost Per Click, this allowed us to acquire more travelers at a significantly reduced cost, while maximizing the available budget.

Simultaneously, our SEO team started developing a content marketing strategy to capitalize on high-value keywords where Prince Waikiki and Mauna Kea Beach Hotel did not rank highly for. From the time the new websites launched through September, organic Search Keyword Rankings grew 57 times the previous amount.

In addition to driving increase organic search engine rankings, TNS was able to implement conversion tools to increase direct bookings including Revenue Recovery / Cart Abandonment software which delivered over $450,000 in recovered bookings at over 19% conversion rate from abandoned booking engine sessions in the first 9 months of 2018.

Cart Abandonment

TNS also implemented an email marketing and database growth and development strategy in conjunction with TRACK CRM to increase direct bookings through dynamic email marketing and automation. The email marketing strategy delivered over 1.5 Million emails generating over $155K in online bookings with nearly 3X in total attributable bookings.

“Our bookings from key markets and demographics increased more than we expected, we are more than impressed with the results.”

Prince Waikiki realized an increase in direct online bookings of $1.58 Million year over year.

All-In-One Digital Marketing Management and Revenue Solutions

Google Paid Search
Website Design & Development
Email Marketing Management
Cart Abandonment
Conversion Optimization
Analytics & Reporting
Display & Remarketing
Meta Search
Social Media Marketing

Why TNS?

Prince Waikiki and Mauna Kea Beach Hotel chose TRAVELNET SOLUTIONS because of our ability to be a one vendor solution and because of our track record in delivering industry-specific software and marketing solutions at scale. They appreciated our transparency in reporting and our ability to be responsive and truly integrate with their team.

The results of the campaign were significant. Not only did Prince Waikiki and Mauna Kea Beach Hotel see incremental website traffic, but they saw increased online bookings, growth in their email database, growth in group bookings and growth in emerging markets on a global scale.

“The increases we have seen in website traffic, organic rankings and direct bookings have been great, but what we’ve been most impressed with is the expertise of the team, and the responsiveness of their people. It has truly been a great partnership.”