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Intro on How to Get More Bookings With Con-Op

It is hard enough to get travelers to your website let alone get them to convert into paying guests. You may use the best SEO practices, Google Adword bidding or Metasearch marketing to drive traffic to your website. In the end if your website doesn’t compel visitors to act, many travelers who visited your site will end up booking on OTAs or worse… a competitor. So if you’re wondering how to get more bookings, consider using conversion optimization (con-op) strategies. A well built con-op strategy can help you:

  • Grow your email subscribers
  • Keep you in touch with travelers
  • Increase your direct bookings


Get more bookings with con-opGrow Email Subscribers


Not everyone who visits your website is ready to book right away. They may be in the early stages of planning a vacation or comparing multiple destinations. The first goal of conversion optimization is to increase email subscribers. By giving travelers the option to subscribe to your email list they can convert on your website with little commitment while still giving them the chance to book when they’re ready. This is great for travelers who are interested and simply want more information at the time of their visit.

The average opt-in rate for a website typically is 1-5%. The conversion optimization campaigns that work the best give travelers compelling reasons to subscribe. You may want to offer a discount, vacation package or simply show what makes your destination great! The more compelling the offer is, the more travelers will want to subscribe to your email list.


Get travelers to book direct with comprehensive email marketingKeep in touch with travelers


By adding travelers to your email subscriber list you can continue to market to them keeping your destination top of mind. Getting travelers to subscribe to your email list is one thing but now you need to keep in touch with them. So how can you optimize your emails to get travelers to convert?

The emails you send travelers will increase their likelihood of coming back to your website and booking directly as opposed to booking with an OTA or competitor. If you offered a discount in the con-op, the first email should include your offer. To make the most of your emails they should all be:

  • concise
  • segmented
  • have a strong call to action
  • high quality
  • mobile friendly

It takes a lot of effort to get travelers to subscribe so make sure your emails are relevant. Travelers will unsubscribe in a heartbeat if you give them something that they don’t expect. With that you want to avoid these common errors in email marketing.


Increase Direct Bookings


If everything goes to plan with compelling conversion optimization opt ins and wonderfully executed email marketing, travelers will fall in love with your destination, return to your website and book direct. With more direct bookings you can reduce your reliance on OTAs and leave your competition in the dust.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to get more bookings, start converting website visitors into email subscribers and guests today!

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