Key Takeaways from VRMA Colorado Connect with Casey Coughlin

Last week TRACK Hospitality Software of TravelNet Solutions (TNS), sent technical sales engineer, Casey Coughlin, to Beaver Run in Breckenridge where he was an exhibitor in VRMA Colorado Connect. This was Casey’s first conference as a TRACK Representative. Here are the top three takeaways Casey learned at VRMA Connect. 

Attend Sessions (Even as an exhibitor!)

VRMA Colorado Connect was the first of a series of four. One of the largest takeaways was the entire event being located in one single conference room. From vendors, lunch, to sessions, they were all located in the same open space. This provided value as exhibitors got to listen in on all sessions as well. 

Educational Lessons Learned:

  1. Providing an experience is more important than the property they will stay in.
  2. Managing pricing agily could allow you to capitalize on the night rate opportunities versus companies that just enter base prices.
  3. Housekeeping provides one of the most important services that can have the largest impact on the guest experience. 
  4. Be ready to invest in your people to keep them because it is much less expensive than replacing them.
  5. Get involved with your local government and municipalities to have a seat at the table and to help show them the positive impacts that can be made on the communities by your guests and business.

Take Notes

Returning back to the office with a full TNS notebook of ideas and takeaways is a great way to be a thought leader. Conferences provide a wide array of information from housekeeping, front desk, marketing, and more. Make sure to share the knowledge with your company. The exhibitors at these events are the experts and you are at the event to learn! 

Don’t try to fool me by saying you forgot your notebook, I’m sure you can find a booth with a pad and pen! (Swing by booth 313 at VRMA International and grab some TNS notebooks!)

For a first event of Casey Coughlin with TNS as the Technical Sales Engineer, we are excited to say he will see you at RezFest 2019 and 2019 VRMA International.

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