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Call Tracking

Track your calls and improve your customer service

Track your calls and get key insights

Enterprise resorts, hotels, and hospitality companies utilize call tracking to ensure quality customer service and to measure key data and performance insights. The performance of the reservations team directly affects revenue, call tracking is the first step in improving this performance.

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Skytop Lodge uses TRACK Pulse call tracking to improve contact center performance

See how Skytop Lodge, a Historic Hotel of America, with over 300 rooms, Golf, Spa, Meeting, and Event Space, Outdoor Activities and more, leverages TRACK Pulse to increase the performance of their reservations team and to gain key insights into their customer service.

How do reservation teams use call tracking to increase revenue?

Top reservation teams use call tracking technology to capture contact data, improve customer service, save leads and increase revenue.

Quickly access detailed call logs and call data

Manage access to call logs with customizable user controls. Quickly search and filter to find calls, listen to recordings and see communication history. All calls can be attached to a contact or customer profile for reference and unlike other systems that automatically purge your data after 90 days, TRACK allows you to keep your recordings saved for a year or more. Keeping track of calls can be useful when dealing with customer complaints or disputes, and with employee training.

Inbound / outbound recording
Searchable logs
Contact / CRM integration
Call details
Filter by agent / campaign
Easy call playback
Unlimited storage
Voice to text transcription

Easily search, add and manage numbers

Easily search, add, and manage local and toll-free tracking numbers. Add as many numbers as you’d like. All numbers are instantly available for use and work for voice and text messaging. Assign numbers to campaigns, call plans, menus, and queues and be live in minutes.

Toll-free and local
Instant access
Twilio integration
Port numbers into TRACK
Assign to campaigns
Voice and text enabled
Only pay for what you use

Get key, real-time contact center performance insights

Managing your contact center and reservations team without real-time performance insights is like flying blind. In order to optimize your performance and decrease lost efficiency and revenue, it requires accurate data in real-time dashboards that are easy to read, fast to run and customizable to your needs. This is where TRACK comes in. TRACK provides business intelligence for all levels, from agents to managers, directors to VPs, all the way up to corporate ownership across multiple brands and properties.

Fast, accurate reporting
Built for large scale data sets
Easy and visually appealing
Advanced business intelligence
One or many locations
Custom reporting options
Tableau integration

Call Tracking Reporting

TRACK includes standard business intelligence reporting out of the box for all types of properties, from single independent properties seeking basic reporting functionality to advanced reporting for multi-location enterprises, as well as API and data access for custom business intelligence for the enterprise.

Last Call Action
Abandonment Details
Abandonment Summary
Queue Abandonment (Calls)
Queue Abandonment (Chats)
Blocked Calls
Call Diagram
Call Volume - Series
Call Volume - Aggregation
Conversation Volume
Hourly Conversation Volume
Exception [Non Lead]-Detail
Exception [Non Lead]-Summary
Calls/Leads Lost
Average Speed to Answer (Calls)
Number Usage
Push / Roll Up
Agent Booked Revenue
Call Conversions
One Call Conversion Rate

TRACK CRM Integrates with top PMS systems for hotels and vacation rentals

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