TRACK TEXT - Guest text messaging platform

Communicate with guests via text messaging and improve customer experience

Text messaging is quickly becoming the preferred way for guests to communicate with hotels

TRACK TEXT allows properties to communicate via text messaging with automated, trigger and event-based text messages, as well as 2-way text messaging. Data shows over 99% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes. Let people know when it’s time to check-in, give directions pre-stay, ask how their stay is midway, or send a survey after the stay. There are many ways to use Text Messaging to improve the experience for your guests.

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Add text messaging to your customer experience arsenal

The best hospitality companies already know text messaging is the future of guest communications. It is a simple, fast and effective way to communicate. However, most properties have text messaging platforms that do not integrated with their other communication tools. TRACK TEXT is seamlessly integrated with TRACK CRM and TRACK PULSE, providing properties an omnichannel communication experience with 1 contact of record for all communications.

Improve guest communications with automation

Automate messages to your guests throughout the lifecycle of the booking and stay. Send automated lead based text messages to convert inquiries into bookings, then automated communications pre-stay, during stay and after check-out.

Lead based
After check-in
During stay
Post check-out
Easy setup

Manage messages with team inboxes

Create unique inboxes for your team to communicate more effectively. Inboxes are customizable and can auto-route text messaging to the right person based on the settings. Ensure customers get quick responses with better inbox management.

Unify your reservations inbox and increase efficiency

More and more travelers are booking reservations via text messaging. Allowing travelers to book via text message can decrease phone calls and abandonment and can increase conversion rates. By unifying your inbox with all emails, calls, chats and text messages, you can give your agents one dashboard and increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

Integrate with TRACK CRM for omnichannel messaging

Unlike other disparate systems, TRACK TEXT is natively integrated with TRACK CRM and TRACK PULSE Contact Center. So all of your communications are in one place, from one dashboard and connected to your PMS data. Consolidating your systems into one can save you money, time and can increase the efficiency of your team and improve the experience for your guests.

Send broadcasts text messages

If you need to quickly get the word out to many guests or people in house, you can use the broadcast feature in the TRACK marketing platform to send a one time, broadcast, one-way text message. Use segments and filters to select the right audience. Create and deploy broadcast texts in minutes. Broadcast text messaging can be useful in emergency situations and to let guests know about important, time-sensitive announcements.

Dedicated support

We provide dedicated customer success to help you set up your new text messaging system and train your agents and staff. We give our customers ongoing support and training to help maximize usage and improve guest communications.

TRACK TEXT integrates with top property management systems

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