Tech Stack Consolidation

Tech Stack Consolidation

Tech Stack Consolidation

A modern hospitality operation depends on technology. Whether it’s a homespun system from the 80s or the latest and greatest, your tech does a lot of heavy lifting. Taken together, all the software you use to run your business is called the “tech stack,” or technology footprint.

As your needs grow, so does your tech footprint. Before long, though, your stack can become a Frankenstein’s monster of tools that may or may not play nicely together. If it sometimes feels like you’re in the tech business and not the hospitality business, maybe it’s time to take another look at TrackSuite.

TrackSuite can replace many, if not all, of the solutions you currently use. But why does that matter?

The problem(s) with tech bloat

No PMC ever set out to make their business operations more complex, but it seems to happen anyway. Why?

A bloated tech stack is a product of good intentions. You have a problem to solve, so you find a piece of software to make things easier/faster/better and sign up. Rinse and repeat, sometimes for years. Next thing you know, you’re logging into 12 systems every morning. Some integrations work beautifully, some not so much.

Of course, each platform has its own contract, billing cycle, support, policies, and cybersecurity practices. Someone has to deal with all that. An hour here or there just to keep your technology humming can add up quickly.

Speaking of which, people come and go. What happens when the primary user of a platform retires and takes that knowledge with them? How long does it take to train new hires on multiple platforms?

The cost of “unitaskers,” or platforms with one primary purpose, can be sobering. It’s not uncommon for an individual shop to have 15+ platforms in their stack, but some conglomerates might have 40+ across all their various companies!

Homegrown solutions, especially old ones, can be very expensive to maintain. We have a customer who spent more than $300K/yr just on consultants to keep their dusty old system alive.

From many to a few: The power of consolidating

Whether you’re assembling an IKEA bookshelf or planning a vacation, simpler is usually better. In theory, consolidating your tech footprint is just choosing simplicity over complexity, convenience over hassle, and less work over more.

In practice, it’s not quite that cut and dried. Change is still hard, especially when the status quo is working. The key is to be confident enough in the end result that the churn seems worthwhile. But it also helps to know that the right decision today will keep you from slipping into the same rabbit hole tomorrow.

With infinite scalability and a growing list of native features, TrackSuite was built for the long haul. Customers who switch to Track rarely switch back. If you’re ready to make your tech stack and your to-do list a whole lot shorter, contact us for a demo today.