3 Conversion Metrics You Should Be Tracking For Your Vacation Rental Website

3 Conversion Metrics You Should Be Tracking For Your Vacation Rental Website

If you have been in your Google Analytics recently, you can see that there are hundreds of ways you can track your website data. But how do you know which to track when it comes to a successful conversion? 

First let’s define the guest conversion we are learning about in this article. The conversion rate we are referring to is defined as the percentage of how many bookings you received compared to the number of sessions to your properties  website and is a key metric often used to measure marketing efficiency. Now we know the definition, let’s dive into 3 metrics you should be tracking and why.

Traffic Sources

Where do visitors find your site? The three most common searches to keep an eye on are Direct, Search, and Referral. Based on where your guests are coming from, you can use your analytics to see what types of searches are converting guests higher. Once you know this, you can choose where you want to spend your marketing efforts on. If you have more searches coming from search (google), you could increase your ad spend. If you notice that referral (social) searches are higher, you can market more on those types of platforms.

New Guest Conversion Rate

How are new guests engaging with your site? If they convert the first time, you are grabbing their attention and can continue to maintain this strategy. If not, you should focus on why. Is your main website page up to date? Are their recent offers?

Repeat Guest Conversion Rate

For repeat guests, you should ask yourself 2 questions. Why did they return to your site? Did they convert the first time? And if not how can you make them convert this round. Knowing this data, you can change your approach. You could offer these repeat guests a coupon for a % off, or 2 days for the price of one to get them to convert.

The more you analyze and dig deep into your conversion rate, the more you continue to keep heads in beds. TNS provides Atlas Commerce, a high converting booking engine, that has been proven to work side by side with our website design to give your guests the full experience to convert. If you would like to learn more, you can meet with our team!