3 New Years Resolutions for Your Vacation Rental Management Company

3 New Years Resolutions for Your Vacation Rental Management Company

2021 has just arrived and what is your vacation rental management company planning for a successful year? Now is the perfect time to set SMART goals. These goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. In this article we are going to discuss three actionable items your VRMC can implement to increase operational efficiency and guest retention.

Consolidate Your Technology Footprint 

Many disconnected systems make it hard to communicate effectively and efficiently internally and with guests. Finding ways to consolidate your property management software, CRM, revenue management, housekeeping, maintenance, and accounting software is key. This can eliminate manual entry through multiple systems and decrease room for error.

A prime example is having your housekeeping platform directly inside Track hospitality software or through a third party partner such as Breezeway or VRScheduler. With the ease of work order automation and triggers, units can be cleaned immediately after check out. A work order for regular cleaning will be scheduled and sent to the right cleaner at the right time in one single system. While the cleaner is in that unit, they can use one platform to finalize their cleaning checklist, upload before and after photos, as well as submit for inspection.

While consolidating your technology footprint, you are setting your operations up for success by moving many platforms under one success manager and support center. Instead of having 8 monthly reviews with account managers, have 1 to 2, high quality meetings while building a stronger relationship with a singular vendor who really understands your company. 

Grow Your Direct Bookings

When was the last time you did a deep dive into your marketing strategy and analyzed where your bookings come from? Setting up your vacation rental management company for increased occupancy in 2021 should be a high priority. We aren’t saying you should get rid of your OTA’s, but we are going to give you actionable items to help rely on them less. 

First, making sure to implement a website pop up to capture visitor data is critical. This pop up could include a discount code for a future stay while obtaining the visitors email address to be top of mind with them by sending them branded emails. The website visitor is on your website because they are in the research process of booking a trip, make sure they don’t forget about you while they shop! 

Second, optimizing your website’s responsiveness to fit Google’s algorithm for search engines is important. You want your website to appear on page one of Google under many high volume keywords. If you’re looking to learn more about what Google is looking for in 2021, check out our article with Google’s 2021 Search Engine Launches. 

Increase Repeat Guests

Did you know that it cost your company less to keep repeat guests than acquire a new one? So why not entice guest’s to return to your property? Here are 3 ways in 2021 you can help increase guest retention. First, implement guest surveys. According to a study Florida Atlantic University did stated that 13/16 guests won’t complain about a problem they had during their stay unless they are asked. Sending guests post stay surveys allows you to enhance the experience of the future guest as well as make the problem right and create a loyal guest. In that same study, 80% of upset guests stated they would become a loyal guest if their compliant is fixed and fixed quickly.

In a year such as 2020, providing contactless experiences is the second way to increase guest retention. A simple technology enhancement that was appreciated in the past is now a requirement. Providing smart technology such as keyless entry to bypass the front desk and voice activated thermostats can be a small gesture that entices a guest to visit again. 

Lastly, implementing multiple communication channels will help increase repeat guests. Everyone has different preferred methods of communication such as voice, text, chat, and more. Making sure you are in the right place for the right guest is important. Guest’s who are attempting to relax on vacation, may not be checking their email so asking if they want room service through an email is not the ideal method. While someone who is staying at your property on a business trip, might be more responsive to their emails and request to have email communications sent. It is all about creating the most efficient communication methods for each guest.

If you’re looking to increase guest retention and consolidate your technology footprint. Schedule a meeting here with Travelnet Solutions to learn about our digital marketing agency, CRM, and property management software.