3 Ways to Grow Your Business on Expedia and Booking.com

3 Ways to Grow Your Business on Expedia and Booking.com

Track and Atlas have many software integration partners and direct connections, but there are many instances where we connect or partner with third party vendors to ensure our customers receive best-in-class products and services.

We’ve built a robust partner ecosystem that addresses possible product gaps and enhances our customers’ businesses. VacayHome Connect is a platinum partner of Track Hospitality Software.

Our full-service distribution platform connects vacation rentals with online global travel agencies, including Expedia and Booking.com. We’ve helped many Track clients grow their businesses, reach new audiences, and drive more bookings on Expedia and Booking.com—Track does not connect directly to those channels, but we do.

With VacayHome Connect, you can take full advantage of everything Expedia and Booking.com have to offer. Here’s how:

1. Clustering Properties on Expedia & Booking.com

Clustering is a tool that allows you to combine multiple units under one listing. When you cluster, that one listing benefits from multiple-units availability—as well as reviews and conversion

That sounds pretty great, right? Well, here’s the catch: clustering is only available on Expedia and Booking.com.

Any property managers with units that share an address can cluster, but the tool is exclusive to those two channels. It’s absolutely worth implementing, too: on average, VacayHome Connect has seen a 40% booking increase for property managers who cluster. Even better, some properties have experienced up to a seven-fold increase in production. On our easy-to-use platform, you can cluster properties with a simple click.

2. The Expedia Group Network

In 2021, Expedia Group was responsible for $4.24 billion of global travel.

It goes without saying, but the upside of listing on Expedia is monumental—especially when you have access to the entire network. VacayHome Connect helps property managers list on Egencia (corporate travel), Expedia Rewards, and Amex Travel; our Expedia connection also includes loyalty programs such as Chase Credit Card, as well as 550+ airlines and 15,000+ rental car agencies.

Egencia Corporate Travel: VacayHome Connect provides access to Egencia’s corporate travel network. Why is that important? Because corporate travelers are truly “golden guests” of the industry: they spend more than average travelers, they cancel less, and they stay longer.

Corporate Travel: A huge opportunity for property managers

Expedia Rewards: More than 100 million users are part of Expedia Group’s loyalty programs, which allow members to collect points and unlock special perks on major channels including Expedia.com, Orbitz.com, and Hotels.com. VacayHome Connect bridges the gap between property managers and those tens of millions of travelers: we convert loyalty points to cash so Expedia users can book your properties.

Expedia Packages: Roughly one-third to half of our bookings are through packages and the Expedia Affiliate Network. These bundled deals are extremely popular—not to mention they are a natural fit for vacation rentals and property managers who want to package accommodations with other perks, such as flights and car rentals.

It’s pretty simple: once an Expedia guest books a flight or car rental, a pop-up appears in their shopping cart. Your units show up there as available to rent, allowing for a “packaged deal” to occur. Other distribution platforms (ahem, our competitors) do not offer this type of integration, but you can tap into this massive market today through VacayHome Connect.

3. Promotions & Merchandising

Channel promotions and merchandising opportunities are powerful tools designed to help you generate short-term revenue and secure steady future bookings. As it turns out, Expedia and Booking.com offer some of the best promotions in the industry that aren’t available on other OTAs. VacayHome Connect can not only implement these opportunities for you, but we can also personalize your promotional efforts based on your business’s needs and goals.

  • Visibility Boosters: Roughly 75% of click traffic goes to the first 15 spots in search results, so where your listings rank is absolutely critical to your success. Expedia’s Accelerator and Booking.com’s Visibility Boosters are designed to maximize your visibility and elevate your listings’ placement in search results.Our personalized promotional campaigns not only increase your rank in search results, but they’re also customizable with blackout dates and can be targeted by country and region. Boosters can also be utilized to improve your listings’ search position for select days, meaning your listings will show up higher in traveler search results.
  • Promotions: Your discounted rates are fully customizable according to your business needs. Expedia and Booking.com allow blackout dates, booking windows that target specific travelers (such as early bookers, last-minute bookers, and mobile users), and much more. When you implement these promotions through VacayHome Connect, we’ll help you increase bookings and convert more efficiently, build long-term value for future bookings, capitalize on seasonality, and encourage longer lengths of stay.
  • Campaigns: Campaigns pack mega marketing power. When you opt-in, your properties receive special placement in search results, email marketing, banner advertising, and additional promotion filters. On Expedia and Booking.com, your participation in campaigns can also include special listing badges and supplementary marketing juice from the channels themselves (such as pay-per-click promotions).