6 More Things Your Property Should Share on Facebook Part 2

6 More Things Your Property Should Share on Facebook Part 2

1. Curated Articles

In addition to sharing your own content, you can also take the opportunity to share curated articles and resources on your Facebook page. Curated content is content that you find on third-party websites. Some good examples of curated content that you could share with travelers on your Facebook page include:

  • Traveling tips
  • Tips or vacation ideas that relate to your specific geographic location
  • News about your surrounding area
  • Content from other local businesses in the area
  • Photo galleries or videos of the surrounding area
  • Other funny or entertaining traveling or vacation-themed content

Sharing curated content on your page is important because you don’t want to come across as too promotional or salesy to your followers. Your goal should always be to leverage yourself as a resource that your followers can leverage when they need help or have questions.

2. Stories/Reviews/Testimonials from Guests

Occasionally, you can also share kind words on your Facebook page that you’ve received from happy guests. Again, the key here is to not overdo it. If your page is full of testimonials, it’s not going to result in any sort of ROI for you. It’s great to share this type of content with your followers because it helps build trust, but you really need to be careful.

To avoid coming across as too promotional, the best thing you can do is try to collect and share more stories from guests on your page. If a happy guest sends you some kind words over email, see if you can set up some time to ask them a few questions about their stay. Your goal is to create a compelling, real story that other people who interact with you on Facebook will be captivated by.

Try to promote the experiences you help people create, not the great services you provide. Make it about your guests, not about you.

3. Questions

If you’re experiencing a lack of engagement or activity on your Facebook page, try asking a question to get your followers talking. Don’t make your questions about you or your property. Instead, focus on the problems and questions you know all of your guests have when it comes to traveling or planning a trip. Here are a few example questions you could use:

  • What one item do you always make sure to pack with you no matter where you’re traveling to?
  • What is your best traveling hack that you can share with another less experienced traveler?
  • What is the best trip you’ve ever taken and what did you love about it?
  • What is the #1 thing our guests need to see or experience while they’re staying with us?


It might take a few attempts of posting questions on your page over time before your followers start to respond and engage with you. Don’t give up if you don’t hear from anyone after you post a question on your page in this way for the first time. To jumpstart engagement, have your friends or staff members chime in and answer the question you posted.

4. Relevant Travel Tips & Hacks

Despite the popularity and effectiveness of visual content, text-only posts can also still perform well on your page. To get more people engaging with your Facebook page and spreading the word about you, offer simple 1-2 sentence travel tips and hacks to your followers. Think about the frequently asked questions that you always get from guests, and the experience you have in the industry, and come up with a few dozen tips to share on your page.

5. Content Promoting Other Local Businesses

To widen your audience and following, you can also share relevant content that other local businesses and organizations in your area are producing and sharing with their followers. Doing so will help you develop better relationships with the business owners in your area, and will provide additional value to travelers who are interested in staying at your property.

6. Specials & Packages

Finally, share specials and packages with your Facebook followers, but do so sparingly. These types of updates should only represent 5% or less of the content you’re publishing on your Facebook page. If your followers want to know more about the deals they offer, they will navigate to your website—but don’t be afraid to direct them to a time-sensitive offer every so often. As long as you are publishing a good amount of non-promotional content on your page in addition to these types of promotion-heavy offers, you have nothing to worry about.

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