Is Your Current Digital Marketing Strategy Working?

Is Your Current Digital Marketing Strategy Working?

We are coming up to the last couple months of 2020, and for most of the hospitality industry it has been anything but normal. Hoteliers have had to reevaluate their financial and marketing plans, and adapt to new market trends and technologies. The good news is that it isn’t all doom and gloom. Now is the time to start focusing on accessing your current digital marketing plan and evolving it to maximize your revenue and bookings for 2021.

Before you can take any steps to change what you are already doing, you must know how you got to where you are. In this article we will take a look at 5 questions to ask yourself to evaluate if your digital marketing strategy is working. 

How much traffic did my website get? 

Your website is the # 1  tool when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. It is the first impression, and the place to attract, educate, and convert travelers. How effective is your website now? Is it consumer friendly so that the traveler can get to the next step in the sales funnel?  Is it optimized for mobile? How does your traffic compare to last year? These are all important questions to ask yourself in regards to your website performance.

What website pages got the most views?

Page views are one of the most commonly tracked metrics in digital marketing. They can help you determine what your travelers are interested in, how well your web pages are optimized for keyword search and what your travelers behavioral trends are. When you can identify the website pages with the most views, you can determine other ways to market to these travelers to get them to convert at a higher rate.

Which channels drove the most leads, sales, and revenue?

Sources. Mediums. Channels. Most hoteliers review their keyword rankings, however there are also other sources driving your site traffic. Have you identified these? Which are performing better? Knowing which channels are driving the most conversions will help you identify where you should focus your efforts on to maximize revenue and bookings.

Was the demographics of traffic inline with my target audience?

It is one thing to get site visits, it is another to have the right people visiting your site. Identifying your target audience is the foundation of your marketing strategy. This entails understanding who your ideal prospects and customers are, who are your competitors as well as the core pain points that your product or service solves. Going into 2021, think about what demographic is visiting your site or content and make adjustments as needed.

What was your overall conversion rate?

Conversion is a key element in digital marketing strategy; after all, if you’re not actually turning lookers into buyers at a high rate, what are you advertising for?

“It is often quoted in the industry that the average website conversion rate for hotels is 2% or thereabouts.” – Hotel Tech Report

What is your conversion rate now? And what is your goal for 2021.  If you are not hitting your goal it is time to take a look at optimizing your website and content to get travelers to pull the trigger. 

The Truth

Digital Marketing isn’t a one size fit all situation.  Unlike posting a billboard on the side of the road or sending snail mail, you’re able to constantly refine your digital marketing strategies as trends and preferences change. Thinking about going into 2021, decide what is working well and what isn’t. Set your goals and KPI’s, but most importantly be open to testing out new ideas.

If you have been looking to review your current Digital Marketing Strategy, schedule a meeting with a Digital Marketing Expert today!