Optimizing SEO For Owners

Optimizing SEO For Owners

Whether you’re talking about website content or PPC campaigns, choosing keywords can seem like some sort of alchemy in which you guess what a potential customer is looking for then throw a bunch of money at your guess. And yeah, it is kinda like that in some ways. 

But if you’re running PPC campaigns designed to woo potential owners, intuition and logic may lead you astray and deliver rotten ROI.

Let’s say your company is based in Vero Beach, FL. Logic would suggest that a potential owner might search for “Vero Beach property managers” or “Southeast Florida property management companies.” So, you base a few ads on those keywords and see what happens. Chances are, the volume will be low and you won’t get many clicks.

What happened? What are potential owners searching for if not these kinds of terms?

Your logic was sound, but let’s take a closer look:

  • Specifying a city or region is great. That helps with locally relevant traffic.
  • “Property management” cuts a wide swath that includes residential, commercial, and even land. The broader your terms, the more expensive your PPC campaigns will be and the higher the potential for irrelevant traffic. If you’re paying $15 per click, you want relevant traffic.
  • Owners are more likely to search for the big players in vacation rentals, as evidenced by search results. In other words, we recommend using some of the same keywords as somebody looking for a rental. So, “Vero Beach vacation rentals” or “home rentals in Vero Beach.”

This is why your paid search placements are so critical. Owners aren’t necessarily looking to find a company to work with — they want to see whose game is on point. Out of the gate, that means a general search followed by calls or emails to the top outfits. Thus, your PPC keyword strategy should be to make that search engine results page (SERP), and not so much the property management one.

There’s a second rationale here, which is a retention play. Sometimes, current owners need to be reassured that you’re still the best game in town. Seeing you as one of the top VR companies in the area (as measured by SERPs) helps show they should stick with you.

The team at Atlas knows as much about PPC and keywords for the hospitality industry as anyone, and has the industry-specific results to prove it. Get your digital marketing house in order and build a great roster of owners!