The Value of a Click

The Value of a Click

Ad campaigns are getting more and more complex which leaves Property Managers having to analyze more data to determine the value of each click. This Marketing Monday walks you through how to assess the value of a click. 

We talk to many property managers on a daily basis. Some of the most common questions our digital marketing team gets asked are, “How do I know when to shut off an ad?”. 

We wish we could say it was as easy as yes or no, but it isn’t.

The value of a click determines where the guest is in their booking journey. Just because a guest doesn’t click on your ad right away doesn’t mean you should shut it off. The ad is still bringing traffic to your website, which is crucial for ramping up direct bookings.  

First, determine if the click is a top, middle, or bottom-funnel click. Once you determine where the guest is in their buyer’s journey, you can then assess your Google Analytics account to determine its value. 

If you are turning off your ads due to low click rates, those clicks are going somewhere else. Most likely they are landing on an OTA. We know that direct bookings are most profitable for your business, so any chance you have to have your guests book with you is critical.

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