Your 2021 Marketing Hitlist

Your 2021 Marketing Hitlist

In 2020 Marketing Managers and Vacation Rental Property Managers had to deal with and adapt to the unexpected. We had to pivot from our original strategies to deal with a global pandemic. We can’t predict what will happen this year, but we can use what we have learned in the past 10 months to improve our marketing strategies for 2021. In this Marketing Monday, we are going to go over 5 key strategies to focus on this year. Let’s call it your 2021 Marketing hitlist.


Optimize your SEO by including voice search in your overall strategy. Over half of online searches come from voice search.  You will want to consider your key words and which to focus on since Google puts more emphasis on this than regular search.  Identify the longer phrases that people use in everyday life like “Find a mountain vacation rental for this weekend.”


“60% of searches are done via mobile device.” Moving into 2021, mobile friendly websites will become the most influential factor in Google search rankings as they are rolling out mobile-first indexing for the entire web. So what does this mean for your website? Google will now base its indexes and also your search ranking on the mobile version of your website, not your desktop version.

Email Marketing

Hubspot found that email marketers are sending 27% more emails than pre-coronavirus. This doesn’t mean just blanket emails are being sent out, VRMC’s need to focus on personalization and connecting with their guests. Contactless connections are key in 2021.

Paid Search

PPC managers are turning to automation and automation tools and machine learning in order to improve performance, increase efficiency, and save time. Some key strategies for 2021 include – automated bidding strategies, responsive search ads, and the optimize ad rotation in Google Ads. Managing these automation’s can be tiresome, to reduce internal ad management, utilizing a hospitality digital marketing agency such as TravelNet Solutions can help decrease your cost per clicks. 

Social Media Marketing

There is no question that once the global pandemic hit people ran to social media to fill up their free time. According to Statista there was a 21% uptick in March 2020. What does this mean for 2021? As new users are added daily, you will need to make sure you have a solid social media strategy moving forward. Quality over quantity will be #1 and also value will beat production quality.

We hope this helps you get ready for the year ahead. If you have any questions regarding your marketing strategy or on this marketing hit list, we would love to schedule a meeting with you to learn more about your VRMC and how TNS can help you in the New Year.