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How To Attract New Owners

Today’s Marketing Monday includes a few tips for attracting new owners and growing your vacation rental business.

  1. SEO Focused Website: Your website is the front door to your business. It is the first impression your potential owners see. The easier it is for owners to find you, the more likely they will step through your door. You need to make sure your website at least checks the big boxes for SEO (search engine optimization). Fortunately, there is a wealth of information out there, including this handy guide. The SEO rabbit hole is deep, but at a minimum, make certain your site is on Google Search Console, has SSL enabled (https), uses the right tags and keywords in headings, and includes localized contact information. Another tip is to have a property management-specific page with owner-focused keywords to help Google display your site when potential owners search. This helps owners find you and not just guests!
  2. Quality Content: Owners have different goals, needs, motivations, and levels of interest. A simple web page with a list of features, an info sheet, or a phone number might have been enough to capture a new owner in the past, but not anymore. Competition is fierce, so you need to develop content that is high quality, consistent, and showcases why you are the best choice for property management companies in your area. Testimonials from current owners are one of many ways to showcase your relationships. Blog posts or landing pages that answer specific queries owners might help bring eyes to your page. This helps with SEO and establishes your business as an authority, which helps generate leads in the long run. Weekly or monthly newsletters help drive traffic to your content.
  3. Expand your network: Another way to attract owners is to expand your network, both online and offline. There are plenty of property management groups, associations, forums, and networks online. Not only will they help you keep up with industry news, but you can also contribute to conversations to showcase your industry knowledge.

If you are looking to grow your business, we would love to chat! ATLAS Commerce and Digital Marketing has helped over 350 vacation rental companies, hotels, and resorts with their digital marketing needs and expansion of their business. 

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