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Increase Direct Bookings With A Commission-Free Booking Engine 

According to an Expedia study, 69% of travelers turn to a search engine when starting to think about a trip. In this Marketing Monday, we are going to go over three ways that you can turn these lookers into direct bookers. 

  1. Avoid paying OTA commissions by investing in your website. Along with your booking engine, your web storefront should be your top priority to showcase properties and drive direct bookings. Bookings made through your booking engine are likely channel commission-free.
  2. Speaking of booking engines, use a commission-free one that’s also mobile-friendly. If you do not have a mobile-optimized booking engine, you run the risk of a bad user experience which can turn website visitors away.
  3. And to maximize conversion, make sure the booking process is limited to two or three steps. Also, include a rate checker so consumers can compare prices right from your website. These tactics help turn lookers into direct bookers.

If you are looking to improve your website, we would love to chat! Our ATLAS Website and Booking engine has helped over 350 Vacation Rentals, Hotels, and Resorts with their critical marketing and website needs.

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