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TRACK TIP TUESDAY: Work Order Automation

Consistency is key to providing a five-star experience to guests, and maintenance/housekeeping is at the heart of being able to deliver this promise. TRACK is providing multiple ways to ensure that your maintenance and housekeeping program never misses an opportunity to wow your guests and owners. We offer automation to generate work orders based on reservation events occurring. Numerous conditions can be applied to fine-tune work orders for very specific properties based on events occurring. Additionally, Track offers the ability to create recurring maintenance work orders, repeating based on a schedule. Or to create bulk work orders on the fly. 

To find the work order trigger, it is as simple in your TRACK PMS platform to go from your configuration screen, company setup, business rules, then lastly click on triggers. It is not limited to maintenance, housekeeping orders can be created with this automation tool as well. Taking it back a step, the simplest way to understand a work order trigger is to realize that when X event occurs it immediately creates a work order. An example would be the event of the guest checking out immediately creates the work order to housekeeping to change the bedding and clean the home.

If you are a current TRACK client, please visit our client support resource article here to learn more. If you are not a current TRACK client, we’d love to chat. Please send us an email at learnmore@tnsinc.com.

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