Introducing an even better Tape Chart

Helping to enhance your workflow

Introducing an even better Tape Chart

As a reservationist, your role is crucial in ensuring guest satisfaction and maximizing booking success. To empower you with a more efficient booking experience, and to limit screen jumping, Track has reimagined the reservation process with an enhanced Tape Chart,designed to work smarter and harder for reservationists, providing relevant information at your fingertips.

Check out some of the new great functionality our Tape Chart provides, and how it can make your life easier.

Improve Tape Chart filters user experience:

Finding the perfect accommodations for your guests is now easier than ever with the improved Tape Chart filters. Here’s how it enhances your search experience:

  • Customize your search results by effortlessly excluding or including units with specific restrictions. Whether it’s a minimum length-of-stay, closed arrival, or closed departure, you have the power to tailor your search and maximize booking success.
  • Gain a comprehensive view of all available units for any given date range, including those with restrictions. Seamlessly upsell guests or fill gaps for odd lengths of stay by exploring all units at your disposal.Your booking potential knows no bounds.

Improve your quick quote experience for extended stays:

Quoting extended stays can be time-consuming, but Track’s enhanced Quick Quote feature revolutionizes your workflow with these advantages:

  • Now you can effortlessly drag and quote stays for 21 nights or more. Gone are the restrictions of screen size, allowing you to modify and adjust stay lengths without returning to the filters page. Your quoting process just got lightning-fast!
  • Search by specific rate types or let the system automatically quote the best available rate based on the situation. Choose between preconfigured rate types or the most competitive option, ensuring accurate and tailored pricing for your guests.

Direct access to reservation booking:

Say goodbye to unnecessary steps and save valuable time with direct access to the Book Reservation page. You no longer have to go through the Tape Chart — jump right into creating reservations. This efficient process is perfect for repeat guests, owner referrals, or owner stays, creating an easier booking experience.

Easier owner booking process:

Managing owner reservations has never been smoother. Track has simplified the process by introducing intuitive owner reservation creation:

  • When booking an owner reservation, the system automatically prompts you with the owner contacts allowed to make the reservation. Stay informed about the owners and their corresponding units within your workspace, enabling you to assist them efficiently and intelligently.

Efficiency and flexibility are paramount when it comes to managing changing stay details. Track’s revamped date picker offers the following benefits:

  • Easily view available and unavailable dates for your chosen unit or unit type, all without leaving the book reservation page. Make informed decisions in seconds, without the need for unnecessary clicks.
  • Modify check-in and check-out dates independently, allowing for quick and efficient updates during guest conversations. No more reselecting both dates each time—achieve optimal productivity with fewer clicks.

Track’s updated Tape Chart is a game-changer for reservationists, providing enhanced functionality that works smarter and harder for you. With improved filters, seamless extended-stay quoting, direct access to the reservation page, simplified owner bookings, and an advanced date picker, you have all the tools to provide exceptional guest experiences and maximize booking success. Embrace and unlock the power of Tape Chart today.