No More Toggling: Consolidate Your Stack with Track

How complexity leads to inefficiency

No More Toggling: Consolidate Your Stack with Track

Consolidating technology is not the wave of the future—it’s already here. In fact, simplifying your tech stack might be the best way to maximize ROI from your technology investments.

But ROI aside, there’s a practical reason to consolidate that you probably never considered: less switching between apps and windows.

The last ten years have seen a tsunami of new ways to digitize customer services, especially in hospitality. With the hope of saving time and simplifying tasks, businesses have been scooping up digital tools without considering the impact on their employees. A Harvard Business Review study found that workers “toggled” (meaning, switched from app to app) roughly 12,000 times daily, adding up to about 9 percent of their work week! The syndrome was even named “the toggling tax,” referring to the cognitive stress that occurs while jumping between tasks and forcing the brain to adjust.

Excessive toggling can increase the brain’s production of cortisol (the primary stress hormone), slow you down, and make it harder to focus.

Sound familiar?

The toggling tax is one of many reasons to consolidate your technology. Cybersecurity is another reason, as is seamless versatility. To that end, Track PMS has created a robust, best-in-class ecosystem of tools that cuts down on toggling yet ensures the safest, most efficient interactions between you and your hospitality apps.

Here’s what Track’s natively integrated system can give you:

Rapid-Fire Communications

Does it sometimes seem like your back and front offices are out of sync? Track PMS facilitates easy dialogue between all your departments. No more toggling back and forth between modules, programs, or logins—Track gives you everything that happens in all your offices on one screen, with one touch—from reservations to sales to accounting.

Track can record every moment of your guest’s interactions, not only their booking patterns but also their likes and dislikes, even the condition of their accommodation, before, during, and after their stay—an invaluable asset, especially if you get hit with a nasty chargeback.

Savvier Pricing

Finding the best price for the right customer at the right time couldn’t be easier now that Track connects seamlessly to Rented, with its best-in-class pricing tool called Art. Built by revenue managers for revenue managers, Art’s simple, fast, and intuitive interface provides a slick user experience while delivering dynamic rates that respond to rapidly changing market conditions. And because Art’s dashboard is built right into Track, you can still monitor your daily hospitality activities without leaving your screen.

Better Insights

Dashboards help you monitor insights and trends across your short-term rental portfolio, but managing multiple screens is a real drag on time and attention. Key Data’s ProData Dashboard, available with Track, provides data for 30+ KPIs that instantly give you those insights. Now, you can make data-driven decisions based on understanding and leveraging, among other metrics, your average daily rate (ADR), revPAR, and occupancy rates—all without toggling off your Track screen.

Deeper Distribution

Getting visibility on OTAs is a must in today’s industry, but ensuring your property descriptions are consistent across the board is very time-consuming. With one screen, Track’s Distribution Engine makes it possible to create or modify listings and spread them across OTAs and your website with one touch. Now, you can seamlessly manage your listings, monitor pricing, and promote discounts across multiple channels while gaining comprehensive visibility into your portfolio’s performance. 

Stronger Security

Have you been hacked yet? The more complex your tech stack, the more vulnerable you are. Instead, supporting your hospitality services via a natively integrated solution like Track is considered a best practice in the industry.

Track, which is PCI compliant, has built its robust ecosystem of 70+ partners with the same due diligence it expects of itself, ensuring every partner meets industry standards. This holistic approach to vetting makes it much harder for hackers to infiltrate systems and acquire sensitive information. Track’s Production and corp IT team runs 24x7x365 vulnerability scanning, including network pen-testing, to better protect its customers from viruses, malware, and ransomware attacks.*

Faster Software Resolutions

You’ll have a dedicated customer success team as a Track customer. Instead of making multiple calls to different IT departments to determine where your glitches are, one call to your Track customer success team connects you with all the expertise you need—on your schedule. Our strategists are not only experts in all aspects of digital marketing; they can also troubleshoot integration with our 70+ partners, saving you time and toggling.


Entrusting your hospitality needs to one consolidated system like Track gives you tighter, more efficient control over your operations. Compare that to trying to manage multiple tools cobbled together and operated separately. With Track and the other tools available in  Hospitality Hub, you’ll save the time and cost of integration while ensuring data fidelity. Simplified operations and management also result in better decision-making and faster time to remediation. Plus, with less time spent toggling, you and your staff will discover clearer minds and more time to do the things you got into this business for in the first place–like serving your customers.

To gain more insight about Track’s consolidation, book a demo.

*Penetration testing, or pen testing, involves simulating cyberattacks against your systems to help identify exploitable vulnerabilities.