Celebrating One Year of Collaboration With Blue Star Innovation Partners

Celebrating One Year of Collaboration With Blue Star Innovation Partners

This week just one year ago, TravelNet Solutions issued an email to customers that read, in part, “Blue Star Innovation Partners, a Texas-based investment firm, is making a significant investment that will help us develop products and services faster, hire more staff, and pursue our market goals more aggressively.”

On the anniversary of this historic moment for the company, we thought we’d highlight a few comments by TNS executives on LinkedIn.

Ryan Bailey


“One year ago, when TravelNet Solutions announced our historic partnership with Blue Star Innovation Partners, it came with a promise to, “develop products and services faster, hire more staff, and pursue our market goals more aggressively.”

Let me tell you, that’s exactly what we’ve done. 👍

First, we’ve hired some top talent to partner with our amazing team members to help lead us into the future, such as Chief Financial Officer Rob Bixler; Chief Revenue Officer Paul Crist; Chief Technology Officer Arvind Sharma; GM of Payments Beth Kelly; GM of Revenue Management Andrew McConnell; VP of Customer Success Valerie Coello; VP of Product Management Michael Ohanian; Director of Distribution Vanessa Moore; VP of DevOps Nick Jella; and VP of Marketing Justin Panzer.

These folks are already connecting with our world-class teams and setting strong direction to ensure we have the Gold standard for the industry’s enterprise platform, and I couldn’t be happier with the fit 🧩.

We’re also developing new products and services faster 🏎️. We started talking about our new Distribution Engine solution with customers this spring and announced our full rollout of the product two weeks ago. Our goal was to make it better than our current solution in all the ways that matter, and I can’t wait for our current and prospective customers to see it in action. I may be biased, but it’s really slick 👏. Our payments solution is coming along nicely, too.

A more robust leadership team plus a stronger offering will enable us to pursue our market goals more aggressively, and that helps customers across the board.

The faster we build additional efficiencies and features into our solutions, the nimbler our customers can be. That helps them optimize and align their business operations with their own market goals wherever they are.

Please join me in welcoming 🙏 our new team members and congratulating our product teams, who have been pouring their time and talent into making Hospitality Hub even more powerful. Everyone at the home office is probably sick of me saying it, but the best is truly yet to come!”

Tim Schutts

VP of Sales

“Since then, much has changed. Our team has grown. We’re getting faster and better at listening to customer feedback and building out new features accordingly. Our ambitions for the future have more weight behind them.

But some of the important things have stayed the same. Our focus on helping customers take the best possible care of their guests, employees, and owners is still our north star. We still love what we do and who we do it for. One of the best parts of my job is when a customer realizes they don’t have to bang their heads against the wall anymore. That they can get to where they want to be by working smarter, not harder. That we’re here to help.”

Andrew McConnell

GM of Revenue Management

“Just as BSIP’s investment was a massive vote of confidence 💪🏼 in TravelNet Solutions, TNS’s acquisition of Rented was a big validation of the work we’d done to build and grow the brand. 📊

So how’s it going? 🤔

In short, amazing! 🎊

We have grown 3X since the acquisition. 📈

Rented currently operates as a branded, optional solution within the Hospitality Hub platform. 💻

Our team integrated with the company as well, making both sides “better together.” 🤝

We’ve been welcomed with open arms 🤲, and the value we add to Hospitality Hub is clear. “

Arvind Sharma


“In the upcoming quarters, we have big plans to enhance our product features in the Vacation Rental and Hotels & Resorts space. Our goal is to create an unparalleled user experience, setting new industry standards that will delight both property owners and guests alike. Features like Distribution Platform, Payments are going to make PMS user’s daily operations very seamless.

… With the support of our BSIP PE partner, we are focusing on Enterprise and Mobile strategy. This strategic approach ensures that our product remains at the forefront of the market, catering to the diverse needs of our clients and delivering exceptional results for our growing customer base.”