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See, Understand, and Share your Reservation Team's Performance

Create beautiful, easy-to-read reports that inform and motivate your sales team

Enterprise resorts, hotels, and hospitality companies use call tracking to ensure quality customer service and to measure key data and performance insights. But reporting results to the sales team or management shouldn’t be an all-day task. That’s where contact center reporting software comes in.

Reporting in Track Pulse is flexible, easy to use and understand, and it looks great. Whether your reporting needs are basic or extend to deep revenue analysis or gamification, you’ll find all the contact center reporting options you need, built-in and ready to go.

View real-time insights on demand

Track gives managers and executives access to enterprise-level business intelligence and timely key performance indicators (KPIs). Inclusive of all voice, email, text/SMS and webchat communications, Track’s reporting features help our dedicated customer success team improve your team’s performance while giving you invaluable future insights.

Real time data
Optimized for big data
Custom reports on request
Fast reporting engine
Dedicated customer success
Data migration for Y/Y analysis

Contact center + CRM reports in one view

See how your contact center, call data, and communication record impact the bottom line. Seeing an increase in abandonment? This may lead to a decrease in one-call resolution and gross conversion rates. What about a decrease in agent productivity? This may lead to a decrease in res-lead rates and reduced outbound revenue.

By combining CRM and revenue data with contact center data, you get a more complete picture of the overall performance of your reservations department.

Browser alerts
Lead integration
Smart chat routing
1-screen communications
Chat dispositions
Save chat logs

Measure agent productivity to maintain performance metrics and make better staffing decisions

Ensure your agents are efficiently handling calls. Measure conversation time compared to wrap up time, set benchmarks and optimize workflow to ensure your agents are able to effectively convert calls into reservations and non-booked calls into leads for follow up. Tracking and measuring agent productivity lead to better staffing decisions, lower costs, and improved performance.

Conversation productivity
Inbound vs outbound
Filter by brands and teams
By time and/or percentage
By agent and/or by call

See accurate agent conversion and revenue data

Measure accurate conversion data across your team. Track syncs with your PMS and is able to show you one-call conversions as well as total conversions by direction (inbound vs outbound). You can even view source and origin source to understand the full booking journey. Know your best performers at a glance and how to help others improve.

Property management software

Track Pulse Integrates

Track Pulse includes connectivity to many 3rd party apps and has an API for connecting new applications

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Call Tracking

Easily measure call-related data to improve service and agent performance
Call Tracking
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Agent Management

Real-time insights that turn order takers into seasoned sales pros
Agent Management
All customer interactions, all in one place
Unified Inbox
Route calls to the appropriate agents to capitalize on strengths
Intelligent Routing/IVR
We help your sales team reach its full potential
Performance Coaching
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