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Case Study: Arizona Elite Properties and Clemson Vacation Rentals

Experiences of Growth and Success with Rented

Rented is a full-service revenue management company using Art, its automatic rate tool built by industry pros for vacation rentals. Art guides managers to set the right price for every property, by season and by day. Rented offers two solutions: allowing property managers (PMs) to use Art on their own or work with Rented’s highly skilled team of dedicated revenue managers. The goal is to save property managers and their team time while still staying in control and pricing confidently.


Arizona Elite Properties

Location: Phoenix and Central Arizona
# of Units: 92
Go-live Date: April 2019
Challenge: Occupancy in a competitive market

Clemson Vacation Rentals

Location: Southern Oregon
# of Units: 18
Go-live Date: April 2022
Challenge: Dynamic and aggressive pricing needs


Market factors have been driving occupancy and RevPar lower. Responding to these market dynamics quickly and profitably is a real juggling act.

In a saturated and competitive market, Phoenix-based Arizona Elite Properties needed a solution that would help them maintain high performance so their company could thrive.

Clemson Vacation Rentals faced a different challenge. Their market is highly seasonable and event-focused. One of the primary drivers of occupancy is Clemson football games. It’s vital that properties produce high rates for football games as they play a significant factor in total revenue.


Arizona Elite Properties

Saw a 25% increase in the number of short-term rentals (STRs) in their market compared to the same period last year. Since implementing Rented, Arizona Elite Properties has been doing exceptionally well, consistently outperforming their peers’ average occupancy by an impressive 8.5%. Their revenue per available room (RevPar) exceeds the market average by $11.

Clemson Vacation Rentals

Their solution is to implement an aggressive renting plan on certain games, which has paid off greatly. For instance, when they saw Notre Dame on the schedule, they knew it could be a prime game based on how good both schools have been over the last few seasons.

The results have been phenomenal:

The Cane Creek property average football ADR in 2022 was $1,117 and is currently at $3,308 for 2023 football weekend ADR. Another property, Slice of Heaven, saw an average football ADR of $2,000 and is currently at $2799 for 2023 for football weekends. As a result of improved football performance, the company has seen a 12% increase in annual ADR, a 17% improvement in overall occupancy, and a 31% increase in RevPar year over year.

In addition, clients of Clemson Vacation Rentals are exceedingly satisfied with the service provided by the company.


Rented software is an invaluable tool for managing revenue in a dynamic market. With its comprehensive suite of features and user-friendly interface, Rented empowers property managers to efficiently manage bookings, streamline revenue management, and maximize occupancy. The success stories of companies such as these speak volumes about the software’s effectiveness.

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