Distribution Technology That Transforms

Our distribution experts will audit and consult with you to optimize listings and performance

Tired of copying and pasting listing content?
Tax and fee mistakes?
Too many channels to manage inventory?

Save time with real views of your properties’ performance across channels with advanced tools and dashboards.

Channel toolbox dashboard

Monitor performance at a glance with a view of channel bookings across all units and channels for Y/Y or period comparisons. Get insights into overall channel performance with error counts and the ability to quickly diagnose issues.

Quick price check

Understand channel pricing replication on Vrbo, Airbnb, Marriott, and others before publishing fees. Having the ability to see how rates and fees are reflected on each channel allows you to see how these appear to your bookers.

Bulk content editing

Managers can view and edit content to make one change across units one time. Need to update the toiletry bundle in each unit? Do it one time from one place.

Inheritable channel description and headline

Manage descriptions and headlines across multiple channels. Fields created specifically for the purpose of channel inheritance mean that information that is displayed on each channel will not affect what is changing on your website.

Message/notification routing

What happens when there is a listing suspension or a channel-specific error? Not all errors are equal and not all errors should be routed to everyone. Rules and actions will now assure notifications are routed to the correct user.


Status: Get a unit-specific status view of each unit without having to log in to each channel

Content: View which content is being sent to each channel and what may be missing or overlooked

Error Log: Insights into error details and error counts provides a view of how these get resolved.

Unit>Channel Mappings: Understand exactly what is being mapped to each channel like amenities and custom entities.

Unit>Channel Fees: View which fees are both mapped to a channel and have a value assigned to that unit

Unit>Channel Availability/Rates/MLOS: Which rates and restrictions are being fed to each channel for a unit? Quickly assess a unit to understand rates, availability and LOS restrictions.