Reviews Management

Read and respond to reviews across channels from one place

Read and respond to reviews from one place

Did you know you can increase searchability and SEO ranking by managing property reviews promptly and thoughtfully? With Reviews Management, a new feature in our Distribution Engine platform, it’s a breeze!

What is Reviews Management?

An integrated dashboard that works within Distribution Engine to provide easy management of guest and host reviews for Airbnb and Vrbo without having to log into OTAs.

What does it do?

  • Auto-respond to reviews with 5-star ratings
  • Nudges guests to leave reviews. When you have sent a review, guests are notified that they can read it once they have completed theirs.
  • Provides visibility into low ratings and reviews that need attention due to expiration
  • Saves templates to allow for easy responses

How do you get it?

All Distribution Engine users will have access to Reviews Management.

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Save time

Responding and managing guest reviews can drain your resources due to the number of units, stays, and channels you must stay on top of.

Improve search rankings

When you can respond quickly and completely to all reviews, your listings gain better searchability and ranking on OTAs.

Cut the clutter

Filters let you get ahead of problematic stays/low scores and make it easy to respond promptly.

Save money

If you currently pay for a third-party review tool, you can now save that monthly cost.