Channel Distribution Strategy

Channel management experts will audit and consult with you to optimize listings and performance

Distribution strategy is your channel-changing advantage

Channel distribution strategy doesn’t mean just better headlines and photos. It is true channel optimization for the life of your listings.

Not everyone can afford a distribution specialist on their team. Consider our experts an extension of your team. Leave it to us to know if rates are too high or too low, and to make branding and merchandising suggestions.

Start with a baseline audit

Understand how and where properties are performing today. TNS distribution strategists are highly skilled in the art of distribution strategy. Optimize your listing performance in the form of:

  • Discounting strategies: how to optimize discounts on different channels and how to use these enhancements on Vrbo and Airbnb
  • Cancellation policies: See if you missing out on bookings because of restrictive cancellation policies
  • Merchandising overviews: Get your brand out there to drive more direct bookings.
  • Listing optimization: The way each channel pulls data to display on their site can mean mismatched wording and errors.
  • The listing name is what is in the PMS, spelling errors and all
  • Hallway photo is the lead
  • No pricing or promotional offers
  • Photos not ordered or displayed correctly
  • Merchandised with company information
  • Photos are ordered correctly
  • Rate is visible to the guest
  • Listing name is unique and gives guest bedding information

Health checks

Regular performance consultations give you peace of mind that Track is optimizing your properties’ performance across channels. These will include pricing suggestions, channel optimization, scorecards and more.

Channel audits

Plus, get direct channel audits straight from the channel partners to get more insights into your distribution performance.