Track Hospitality CRM

Guest Surveys

Build, Send, and Collect Surveys Without Leaving Your PMS

Build surveys that engage your guests and encourage your advocates

Track guest surveys enhance your guest experience to drive repeat guests and gain feedback throughout the guest journey. Giving guests the opportunity to complete a survey shortly after their stay allows complaints to come directly to you instead of showing up as angry one-star reviews on OTAs.

Drag-and-drop survey building
Brand customizable
Guest interest tags for marketing segmentation
Score-based survey completion messaging
Advanced categories and question types
Automated survey sending
Email and text survey delivery

A dashboard designed for accountability and action

Search responses by keyword
Customizable survey health snapshots
Automated survey completion notification
Turn responses directly into follow-up tasks
Fully integrated with CRM contacts and sales
Property management software

Track PMS integrates

Track PMS includes connectivity to many 3rd party apps and has an API for connecting new applications


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