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Rates and Reservations

Take the pain out of rate management and consistently maximize profit

One tape chart screen, many bookings

Sometimes revenue management is a title, and sometimes it’s just part of the job. Track makes revenue management strategies like dynamic pricing a breeze. Check availability, perform advanced searches, review property details, generate quotes, and book reservations, all on one browser tab.

Ideal for large-scale property managers
Search for specific units or by unit types, building and location
Provide a quote in a few clicks
One-page booking
Configurable filters for every amenity
Fast and powerful

Meet a Few of our Clients


The big thing I love about Track is they’re always future thinking, willing to take advice and see what they can do to improve the system.

Chad Blankenship

Track’s implementation process was very different. The most interesting thing about it was my employees could continue to do their normal job during this entire process.

Steve Surbaugh

Track has given us more time to be proactive with our guests and homeowners.

Chad Blankenship

Track Pulse helps us increase revenue by missing fewer inquiries. The data helped us realize we needed 12 reservations agents to handle all the demand.

Jen Bambrick

Track is very adaptable. It’s made us much more organized in responding to booking inquiries.

Jonathan Fonvielle

The customizations down to the unit level in Track are so much more powerful than our previous PMS.

Aaron Linfoot

Track is amazing – it’s helped us simplify our processes and consolidate the number of systems we have to use.

Chad Blankenship

We were looking for was an enterprise solution that would allowed our team to consolidate into one platform. Not only to improve the experience for our guests, but provide an easier to use, single technology solution for our team.

Aaron Linfoot

We were operating in over 24 different technologies … There were so many things, you can just imagine the training for an entry-level or any employee, really.

Amy Gaster
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DIY rates, rate types, and reservation types

Track lets you create custom reservation types, rate types, fees, discounts and more. Automatically apply custom rules based on reservation type, time of year, location and unit type.

Flexible rate adjustments
Customizable rate types
Customizable reservation types
Customizable fees
Reservation fees by unit
Discounts and promo codes

Automated guest communications and e-signatures

Triggers and automations will transform how you do business. Set up email and text messages to keep guests connected and informed throughout their booking journey. Easily update and change rates, reservation types, units and more.

Track is integrated with PandaDoc so you can automatically send and receive contracts electronically to ensure compliance and proper chargebacks.

Rate, minimum stay and occupancy management

Set rates across areas, nodes, unit types or at an individual unit level with multi-calendar support, minimum stay, occupancy and check-in rule management. Copy rates from one unit across others for easy mass editing.

Copy rates
Dynamic pricing integration
Unit fee pricing
Create multiple calendars
Rate overrides
Min-stay overrides

Smooth Scaling

A Guide To Growing Your Vacation Rental
Business in 2022 and Beyond

The desire to grow your business isn’t just about unrealized potential. It’s about opportunity. 

The modern hospitality industry is built around digital. Technology isn’t simply a tool you use to get the job done. It’s the backbone of your entire operation, from front-office marketing to back-office owner statements. The more powerful and flexible it is, and the more you understand about how to use it, the bigger your potential upside.

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Track PMS integrates

Track PMS includes connectivity to many 3rd party apps and has an API for connecting new applications


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Rates and Reservations
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