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Industry-Leading Tools for High-Performing Sales Teams

Empower and inspire the team behind your most profitable channel

Your direct channel isn’t just bits and bytes. Track Pulse contact center solutions bring the power of data to your inbound sales team to improve performance and delight guests.

Time-saving contact center tools keep your team focused on selling. A unified inbox gives agents a full view into caller data and guest history prior to each phone call, text, email or chat. These detailed insights open the door to upsells and personalized service.

Record, organize, and review inquiries with ease. Help agents improve their skills through reports like speed to answer, abandonment rate, conversion rate, and handle time.

Seven out of every ten inquiries don’t book at first. What would it mean to improve on that? Empower your inbound team to improve conversions, grow revenue, and start each guest’s journey on the perfect note.

Track Pulse is the only hospitality contact center solution that unifies communications across phone, email, SMS, chat, and third-party channels. Agent teams tell us it’s easy to use and helps them sell more.

Track Pulse

Call Tracking

Easily measure call-related data to improve service and agent performance
Call Tracking
Track Pulse

Agent Management

Real-time insights that turn order takers into seasoned sales pros
Agent Management
All customer interactions, all in one place
Unified Inbox
Route calls to the appropriate agents to capitalize on strengths
Intelligent Routing/IVR
We help your sales team reach its full potential
Performance Coaching
Track Pulse


Be there when your guests need you
Remote Agent Teams
Track Pulse


Clean, beautiful reports without all the hassle
Remote Agent Teams

Meet a Few Track Customers


Working with Rented, Inc. has made me feel like I’ve got a whole new team to work with. They provide us with an entirely new offering to owners and amazing revenue management tools, both of which are key in today’s property management world.

Billy O’Sullivan

We have been very impressed with how communicative Rented has been, the personability of the team members (Talia, Kristin, Jessica), and the interest Rented has in our company as well. It has been a very pleasurable experience working with people who genuinely care about us as a company.

Amos Wheeler

We are super happy with Rented, Inc.! They do everything for us, the others [automated pricing tool companies] just provide training and we are on our own. We do not have time for daily rate management. They are well worth the price and have made a dramatic difference in our revenues and performance.

Stefanie Gould

We entered 2019 with hotel and vacation rental demand at an all time low. We needed more than a tool, we needed someone to help look at the whole picture. Thankfully, Rented, Inc. was able to close huge gaps within just 2 months.

Travis Wilburn

Rented has more than doubled my revenue in the midst of a pandemic! Unreal!

Daniel Perry

We are spending far less on marketing than before and yet we are seeing more conversions and return on our investment.

Jonathan Foos

The big thing I love about Track is they’re always future thinking, willing to take advice and see what they can do to improve the system.

Chad Blankenship

Track’s implementation process was very different. The most interesting thing about it was my employees could continue to do their normal job during this entire process.

Steve Surbaugh

Track has given us more time to be proactive with our guests and homeowners.

Chad Blankenship
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Contact Center Tracking and Reporting

Data-based decisions improve productivity

Track pulse contact center solutions store inquiries and keeps them with the guest record. Easily review inquiries with agents to help improve their skills. Powerful reporting tools help you gamify and incentivize your inbound sales team.

Inbound / outbound recording
Searchable logs
Contact / CRM integration
Call details
Filter by agent / campaign
Easy call playback
Unlimited storage

Which campaign made the phone ring?

Which marketing campaigns are working, and how well? Track Pulse can tell you. Just add local and toll-free numbers to track specific campaigns. Attach numbers to inboxes and call plans for optimal call or text messaging flow.

Toll-free and local numbers
Instant access
International calls
Twilio global call-delivery network
Use existing phone numbers
Acquire and assign new numbers to campaigns
Voice and text enabled
Only pay for what you use

Clean reporting improves guest service

Track provides real-time reporting and insights across multiple locations or property management brands. Contact center managers see critical metrics like speed to answer, abandonment rate, conversion rate, handle time and more across inbound and outbound calls.

Fast, accurate reporting
Key performance indicators
Configurable filters
Scalable for multi-location
Advanced business intelligence
Tableau BI integration

Data, data, and more data

Are you a data junkie? Or maybe you work for one? Track has you covered. Real-time reporting lets you dig as deep as you want. Our open API also enables custom business intelligence for the enterprise.

Last Call Action
Abandonment Details
Queue Abandonment for Calls and Chats
Blocked Calls
Call Diagram
Call and Conversation Volume
Exception Detail and Summary
Calls/Leads Lost
Average Speed to Answer
Number Usage
Push / Roll Up
Agent Booked Revenue
Call Conversions

Agent Conversion Tools

Better tools = better agents

Track features in-depth, real-time call center and revenue reporting dashboards. Coach and guide your team to convert more callers and deliver dazzling service.

Unified inquiry inbox
Powerful caller ID
Lead tracking
Schedule lead follow-up
Email responder shortcuts
Easy call playback
Skill-based inquiry routing
Call metrics detail

Call scoring and auditing improves performance

Track’s simple tools make it easy to start a coaching and quality assurance program. It’s among the fastest ways to boost agent conversion rates. Our partners at the Kennedy Training Network can provide professional coaching and scoring from the industry’s #1 call center trainer, Doug Kennedy.

Call recordings
Call scoring
Call auditing
Detailed reports
Customizable templates
Best practices consulting
Kennedy Training Network

A friendly sales competition, anyone?

Modern, customizable dashboards display real-time performance to keep your reservation floor fun and lively. Motivate your team and help them to compete for incentives with Track Pulse’s goal dashboards.

Set individual and team goals
Conversion tracking
Agent productivity
Automated compliance
Skill based ranking
Agent status tracker
One call resolution
Call metrics detail
Display results
Create gamification

70+ Reports Out of the Box

Get insights into your CRM and Reservations team like never before. Need additional business intelligence?
Track can sync your data with Tableau for further customization and automation.

Agent Chat Details and Summary
Agent Booked Revenue
Call Audit Summary
Call Conversions
Campaign Revenue
Leads By Check-In Date
Leads Lost Analysis
Lead Pipeline Aging/Activity
Geo Marketing
One Call Resolution
Marketing Demand
One Call Resolution

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Track Pulse and Advanced CRM Integrations

Track PMS includes connectivity to many 3rd party apps and has an API for connecting new applications

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