This luxury hotel and resort saw online revenue jump from $1.4 million to $4.7 million. What could we do for you?

  • Location USA - Lake Placid
  • Type Luxury Hotel
  • Units 94
  • Products Website, Email Marketing, PPC, SEO, Email, Consulting, Cart Abandonment, Display & Remarketing, Conversion Optimization, Listing
  • Online Revenue Increase $3.3 Million

The Challenge

This 90-room luxury hotel and resort in Lake Placid, New York was looking for a change from their previous long term marketing relationship where they were not utilizing any Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies.

The Solution

TravelNet Solutions (TNS) implemented a full funnel strategy including targeted Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Display and Remarketing, Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing, Cart Abandonment, and a Diamond listing on

SEO Strategy

TNS implemented Search Engine Optimization strategies to help move this luxury hotel up in the search rankings on Google. They were able to drive a high volume of traffic from Travelers that were just starting searching for their vacation by:

  • Monthly, keyword-relevant blog implementation
  • Installing a website SSL Certificate to boost keyword rankings
  • disavowing toxic backlinks
  • focusing on high volume keywords

PPC Strategy

With the hyper-monetization of Google it is increasingly necessary to have a strategy around Google Ads. With our expertise in managing $5 million in Google Ads annually we were able to bring a new, qualified demographic of traveler to their site at an affordable cost per click. With TNS running their Google Ads campaigns, this hotel was able to see an online revenue increase of 233% year over year. TNS is a leader in the industry and is able to optimize search engine advertising by:

  • Bidding on broad-match keywords to acquire new customers
  • Bidding on your brand to protect against costly 3rd party bookings
  • Optimizing by device (mobile vs. desktop)
  • Implementing time sensitive copy
  • Geo-targeting our ads to go after your target markets

Diamond Listing

This Lake Placid hotel was able to drive visitors directly to their website with their Diamond listing on From they received over 7,144 website visits in 2018.

Conversion Optimization Strategy

Our Conversion Optimization Software helps our customers build up their email database. A pop up display on the website with a 7 second delay that prompts website visitors to subscribe to their emails for time sensitive discounts.

  • New subscribers captured – 6,000
  • Online sessions created – 4,139
  • Total attributed online revenue – $71,000

Looking Back

By implementing a full funnel digital marketing approach this mountain market rental management company saw year over year increases across every major KPI including traffic, conversions, keywords, and email subscribers. With eCommerce tracking in place they were able to track where their bookings were coming from and create a marketing plan from these results.

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