3 Tips For A Better Conversion Rate

3 Tips For A Better Conversion Rate

Conversion Optimization is an excellent revenue management tool for your Vacation Rental Management Company. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, here’s the best way of phrasing it: Traffic generation is what you get. Conversion optimization is what you do with it. The most popular type of conversion optimization is a form popup on your website, so this Marketing Monday, we are going to go over 3 tips to enhance your form to bring your conversion rate above industry average. 


Choose colors that speak to your guests. Did you know that dark blue and teal are for the sensible shoppers who maintain strict budgets while  orange and red attract people who want to purchase now. (Hello, free spirits)


Cut to the chase. If you can say it in a 100 words, don’t take 200 words …

Split Testing

The industry average for conversions is 2%. If your rate was below this, don’t worry. You can use split testing to enhance it and try something new. A few common ways are to change your call to action, add a relative promotion, or switch out the image to attract more attention.

If you want to learn more about how your vacation rental property can use conversion optimization, we would love to schedule a meeting.