Now Launching — Distribution Engine!

Channel Distribution with Refreshingly Personal Expertise

Now Launching — Distribution Engine!

For years, we’ve heard potential customers complain about the complexity of managing OTAs all by themselves.

It’s true.

Distribution managers for property management companies have faced huge obstacles in making sure their content, images, amenities, etc., are all up to date–for all their properties–on every single channel. And the headaches are real. Property managers aren’t notified when listings fall offline due to API changes. Figuring out a unit’s performance can boggle the mind. And who is there to call in the middle of technical snafus?

Enter Track’s New Distribution Solution

After extensive research, Track PMS, the industry-leading property management solution for short-term rentals, is now launching Distribution Engine—the only solution that gives property managers a fast, easy, and efficient way to understand property performance across all distribution channels. It’s technology with personal support.

Data at One Touch

Distribution Engine combines elegant technology with refreshingly personalized expertise to help you manage and boost your revenue from OTA bookings.

Built from the ground up, Distribution Engine seamlessly integrates with Track to simplify how and where you work—without ever leaving Track.

  • ONE SCREEN with multiple-purpose dashboards, lets you see your portfolio’s performance at one glance, from channel to unit level.
  • ONE INPUT lets you input and update all your content in one place at one time.
  • FAST PREVIEW gives you a pre-look at fees and rates without ever logging into channels.
  • ONE TEAM provides dedicated support for channel-related updates, notifications, and optimization.

Insights that Drill Down

But Distribution Engine is more than just data input. It’s also the insights you gain about performance, including:

  • Insights about how properties are performing by channel
  • Detailed analysis that drills down to the unit level
  • Prioritized notifications when channel errors occur

Personal Expertise: Strategists Dedicated to Your Goals

Distribution Engine is more than just data and insight. Our dedicated in-house strategists are here to support you in putting that data and insight to best use. Our teams work closely with you to become intimately familiar with your properties, your channels, your market, and your goals. And we’re not just thinking about this year. We’re thinking—always—about the long-term health of your portfolio.

Tech that Drives Data, Drives Bookings

With Distribution Engine, it’s never been easier to influence your guests’ booking behavior and get the most value from your channels. Now your properties will enjoy more visibility across all channels because they’ll be optimized for each one of them. With our consolidated dashboards, quoting features, and bulk updates, Distribution Engine is sure to save your distribution and marketing managers hours of wasted time.

Welcome to Distribution Engine! Our entire team has listened to you, we heard what you needed, and we built it. And we’re not done. Watch for more channel partnerships in the immediate future and the next set of features to help you accelerate your business growth.

Find out now how Distribution Engine can transform your OTA performance!