Optimize Your Vacation Rental Bookings This Mud Season

Optimize Your Vacation Rental Bookings This Mud Season

Don’t slow down this mud season. The vacation rental industry is soaring and now is the time to engage your guests who still want to travel! Today’s Marketing Monday, we are going to examine what you can do during this time so guests choose you!

Booking windows are getting shorter, as more people are willing to travel. According to Expedia, the average booking window has reduced drastically to just 29 days out. So what does this mean for your vacation rental business? 

“We’re getting a ton of last minute bookings. And obviously our season has extended way beyond what we would consider even shoulder season.”- Betsy Needham, Owner, Black Canyon Inn


Pricing is everything

You need to make sure to get your pricing level right. You don’t want to cut prices for weekends if you already have plenty of interest, but a price too high could deter guests from even browsing.

Showcase a promotion

Right now, guests want two things. They want flexibility and a bargain. A way to attract these guests is by using a pop up on your website with the current promotions you have going on. An example of this could be “Buy 3 nights, get the 4th free”. This promotion allows the guests the best of both worlds. They are getting a deal–but also if they can only take a weekend off of work, they have the flexibility of leaving Sunday or Monday.

If you are looking for ways to optimize your occupancy rates this mud season, we would love to provide you a free assessment and show you how other TNS customers have had success with our Digital Marketing services.