Power On Series: Remarketing and Brand Protection Strategies to Implement Now

Power On Series: Remarketing and Brand Protection Strategies to Implement Now


This excerpt is from our recently published guide, Power On – Marketing for What’s Next. The complete guide offers actionable digital marketing strategies to prepare you for what’s next for hotels, resorts, & vacation rentals. You can check in daily for the next section or you can download the full version here.

Display Remarketing

You’ve done a good job of getting potential guests to your site in the Awareness phase – now stay in front of them.

A low-cost, brand-building campaign to implement right now would be a simple display remarketing campaign aimed at anyone that hits your website.

Assuring you have Facebook and Google PPC pixels properly implemented on your site either directly in the <header> of your website or through Google Tag Manager, will allow you to tag a visitor’s browser and serve them ads using Google Display and Facebook Ads.



We typically are able to buy traffic for $0.20 – $0.60 a click in remarketing campaigns. $1,000 can buy anywhere from 1,500 to 5,000 visitors back to our customers’ websites. We’re seeing CPCs lower than that right now so it’s a great time to remarket. Major OTAs aren’t investing right now in driving that traffic. You have an opportunity to get these visitors back at a low cost per click.

This is also a good time to practice A/B testing – or testing different ad copy or imagery to see what works in bringing guests back to your site. It may not be the time for ad copy suggesting the visitor come back and book, but it could be a good time to suggest they come back and sign up for your newsletter to stay updated on upcoming packages and promotions. 

Brand Protection

We’ve talked in this guide a couple times about the low cost-per-clicks industry-wide right now. Previous to the downturn, brand clicks have always been some of the cheapest. What do we mean by “brand clicks”? It’s bidding on your property name or similar in Google PPC to assure that you’re top of the search engine results page (SERP) when someone searches for your property directly.

These visitors are already aware of your property and are going to Google with the intent of finding your site and clicking through to it. Now is not the time to allow a competitor to bid on your brand name and take that top spot. Google is smart – if you’re bidding you’ll be the top spot.

Make sure this campaign is active.

This was an excerpt from our section in our new eBook around the Rate Shopping and Reviews Phase that searchers will go through as they get more series. Download the PowerOn eBook to see more tips and tricks that you can start implementing now.