A Gateway to More Savings, Robust Reporting, and Seamless Processing

A Gateway to More Savings, Robust Reporting, and Seamless Processing

Ascent Payment Solutions focuses exclusively on providing the best, most secure payment processing services available to the property management, vacation rental, and lodging industries. Offering seamless, easy-to-integrate payment solutions has been our mission for the last 20-plus years, and it’s why our vacation rentals and lodging partners turn to us time and again. Track by Travelnet Solutions offers a complete enterprise software solution for today’s ever evolving short-term rental industry. This integrated solution provides professional management companies cutting-edge reservation technology coupled with the strongest payment processing solution and support available in the industry. Ascent and Track have already been partnering together for the advancement of our mutual customers, and now we are excited to introduce our new gateway integration within Track software.

Our SLIM CD gateway solution provides our mutual customers with the seamless payment solutions needed to successfully grow your business. We provide the Application Programming Interface (API) directly through Track* (Currently in Beta release). Using an API, the payment gateway manages all the tasks necessary to complete the transaction, allowing you to accept a wide range of payment types. This integration within Track ensures travelers stay within your brand while receiving a high-quality checkout experience. For our customers, it means deposits made within the normal 48 to 72 hours, not waiting for up to 30 days. Along with superior gateway functionality, our customers receive assistance from our team of experts that will help through the entire integration process.

We believe good partners offer the highest level of security. That’s why we provide these benefits:

  • Tokenization: Sensitive cardholder data is not stored by your software during any point of the transaction process. Tokens can be used to post additional payments to a guest’s card.
  • Secure Sessions: Our solutions ensure your software never touches the guest’s credit card information.
  • Automatic Authorization Reversals: Our gateway processing handles automatic authorization reversals.
  • Card Load Feature: This allows the software to capture the cardholder information without performing an authorization.

We help our customers easily, quickly, and safely accept payments while also remaining PCI compliant. One of our PCI experts can help you get compliant and stay compliant to protect your business, your guests’ data, and your reputation.

Our gateway is certified on all types of industry in the United States, including lodging, retail, restaurant, mail order/telephone order, and e-commerce, and on most major payment processing networks providing this functionality:

  • Can securely process credit card and ACH/e-check transactions in multiple scenarios, including card/check present and not present.
  • Provides access to payment reporting on any Apple, Android, or Windows-supported device.

Our SLIM CD gateway solution allows us to provide our customers with the seamless payment processing solutions they need to succeed, and our team of experts has the tools, experience, and resources needed to assist customers through the entire integration process.

All reporting for your account is available through the SLIM CD backend administration. We provide you with the robust report information you need to derive from your merchant account, including:

  • End-of-day reports
  • Batch Settlement reports
  • Open-Auth and Clerk Reports
  • Daily Volume summaries
  • Reports by Card Type / Payment Type

As an independently owned provider, we consistently deliver payment processing solutions that rise above the competition. Ascent has the expertise and experience to protect customers while making sure you receive your money in days, not weeks. Ascent holds itself to a higher standard. A standard that includes trust, transparency, and accessibility. At Ascent our customers and partners come first, and we always strive to provide the best customer service, support, and education. At Ascent we never let our customers become account numbers and we always look at them as people first. With extensive experience in not only payment processing, but also years of lodging management experience, our team provides you with the best possible solutions suited to your business model. Let us work with you and show you the Ascent difference.

At Ascent it is more than just offering better rates. We provide expertise, innovation, and the highest level of security. We are your destination for payment solutions.

For more information, complete the form on this page or contact info@ascentpaymentsolutions.com.

**Slim CD is in Beta testing with Track Hospitality Company Currently. Please reach out to info@tnsinc.com to become a part of our Beta testing**